Tennessee JAM for Families

June 8-9, 2018 Events Were Great!

June 8, 2018-March on Capitol-Nashville, TN, Candlelight Vigil, and June 9, 2018, Tennessee JAM for Families at Goodlettsville Branch of the Nashville Public Library, then several hours of planning, exchanging ideas, getting to know each other better, and commisseration at host John Gentry’s home.

We had people participating from Illinois, Ohio, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee.  The Judicial Accountability Movement is addressing corruption and injustice nation-wide.

Connie Reguli, www.FamilyFowardFoundation.com;

Tammy Daughtry, www.CoParentingInternational.com, www.ModernFamilyDynamics.com

Terri LaPoint MedicalKidnap.com,

Lisa Belanger, www.FreeMarvin.com,

Victoria Onorato, www.FamilyLegalActionFoundation.com

Mattie Shay Mitchell, www.LiamChangedTheWorld.com

Lydia A. Hubbell, www.TennJAM.com

Brian Kinter, https://www.facebook.com/groups/jam2016/

“Joyce The Voice” https://www.facebook.com/groups/Joycethevoice/

In my case (Lydia A. Hubbell), my daughter’s father continues to interfere in my relationship with her, and I know he will continue to do so since he has been so well-rewarded for the past 4 years. I have not seen Dilara since April 18, but am scheduled to see her from 3-5 this Saturday, June 16, 2018.  My visits continue to be supervised, despite the fact that I never have harmed or endangered her. I was in court today and got a date for my Motion to Alter or Amend heard. October 23, 2018 at 1 p.m. I continue to put updates on Facebook. “Bring Dilara Home” is a public group page.  After 3 weeks of being denied court-ordered phone calls, I was allowed to speak with her last night, but her father pretty much ruined the experience for us.  Poor Dilara seems almost afraid to open her mouth and say anything. Despite being told to not monitor the phone calls, he continues to do so and he continues to threaten to end the call if we talk about something he doesn’t want us to.  It is such a sad and sick situation.  I look forward to being able to have a normal conversation with her on Saturday, but we have a new visitation supervisor and I don’t know how comfortable we will be. It is outrageous that these unlawful and harmful restrictions continue to be placed on us.  Dilara complains, but continues to get no relief. Her GAL, Sharline Pye-Mack, continues to be absolutely worthless as far as advocating for Dilara.

We are also very focused on the case of Annalise Rivenburg. She has been in foster care since Feb. 2017 when she and her brother, Steffen Rivenburg, Jr., were removed from their family by DCS.  Baby Steffen was killed while in DCS custody June 8, 2018. The Rivenburgs have a court date in July and between now and then, we will work to draw even more attention to the case and we hope Annalise will be returned to the family before school starts in August. http://medicalkidnap.com/2017/07/06/tennessee-family-wants-daughter-and-sister-of-deceased-baby-steffen-to-come-home/

July 17 and 18 we are planning to support Whitney Manning in Kingsport, Tennessee as she fights for her daughter and grandsons. http://medicalkidnap.com/2018/03/08/disabled-virginia-mom-arrested-with-no-warrant-no-charges-because-health-impact-news-exposed-her-story/

I am sorry that my Dilara, who will turn 10 in October and will more than likely spend the 4th birthday in a row without me being with her, continues to be held captive, but I believe God is going to bring good out of our ordeal.

We will be electing a new Tennessee Governor this year. Primaries are Aug. 2 and the election is in November.  I am going to be working with others in the movement to try to educate the candidates and hope that whoever wins the election will address the corruption as far as he is able, and to appoint a new DCS commissioner who will show more concern for the well-being of children than the previous ones have. We all want children to be safe and healthy. We know there are serious cases of abuse or neglect that warrant removal, but we also know that too many children are removed from “good enough” parents, and that DCS caseworkers often lie and make misrepresentations to the court in order to terminate parental rights when less drastic remedies are available.

I am encouraging people to learn about “Freedom Summer 1964” and take action in the next 6 or 7 weeks ago  to encourage everyone they know to get registered to vote before July 3 to vote in the primaries. https://www.rockthevote.org/voting-information/election-dates-deadlines/tennessee/

We are planning several events over the next few weeks and I am calling this #FamilyFreedomSummer2018 and I hope to be in Washington D.C. September 7-11 for a Family Preservation Rally.

FamilyForwardFoundation.org  has a facebook group and is making state groups. Tennessee is ready to go! https://www.facebook.com/groups/1697223540511940/


Tennessee JAM for Families! (Judicial Accountability Movement) JUNE 8-9 EVENTS, NASHVILLE, TN

Tennessee JAM (Judicial Accountability Movement) and

CCLJA (Children Campaigning For Liberty and Justice in America)

COURT UPDATE March 29, 2018

Feb. 9 was the last date of the custody trial. The visitation supervisor, LaTarra Ballard with Progressive Family Services testified that the visits had gone well, I have good parenting skills, present no threat of harm to my child, and I do not require my contact with my child to be supervised. She also said that she had concerns about my child “playing both sides against the middle” and that she thought we should have someone else involved in our contact, not to protect my child from me, but to protect me from the child!  I thought it was ridiculous.  So, the judge ordered us to have Youth Villages Intercept program services and told us to come back to court March 13, and she would not issue her order before then.

She also ordered, at the other parent’s request,  that someone visit my home to ensure that it was “appropriate” for the child. I very strongly objected to any intrusion into my home when there has never been any harm or threat of harm to my child, nor illegal activity taking place in my home. I consider it to be a violation of my 4th Amendment Protections and I also believe it is rewarding abusive attitudes and behaviors of the other parent.  He has made multiple false accusations against me and false reports of abuse to DCS. DCS has not been a petitioner or intervening petitioner in my case.

March 13 the judge was told that Youth Villages Intercept could not provide the services because of insurance reasons. On Feb. 9, the Guardian ad Litem and visitation supervisor, when asking for these interventions, claimed that it would be at no cost to the family.  It turns out that they were wrong. If my daughter was on Tenncare, she could get the services, but she is not eligible. She might be if I were  primary parent. She was on Tenncare when I was Primary Residential Parent.  My daughter hasn’t set foot on my property in over 2 1/2 years.  She could also get these services if there was a DCS case.

March 13 the judge said she would order DCS to open a case to force them to pay for Youth Villages Intercept services.  This is Judge Sheila Calloway. It should be noted that in 2015, when I was restricted–against statute–to supervised visitation, the GAL, Sharlina Pye-Mack and opposing Counsel Sarah Reist Digby asked the judge to not only unlawfully restrict my visitation, but to also order DCS to pay for the supervised visits, contrary to law, since the law forbids DCS to pay for supervised visits unless they are the petitioner or intervening petitioner.  I pointed out that these things were contrary to statute, but nobody seemed to care.  I pointed it out to the court and to the lawyers and to the DCS caseworkers and nobody did anything until February of 2017 when DCS filed a motion asking for relief from the order, since what the judge was ordering them to do was against the law.  Even after Judge Calloway gave DCS relief, she did not give me and my daughter relief we spent days in court and thousands of dollars asking for last year.

Judge Calloway said March 13 that she was going to issue her order, rather than waiting for DCS and Youth Villages to get set up and she said we should be expecting it by mail around April 1st. My daughter’s spring break from school starts tomorrow and runs through next week and I was so hoping that I could have her during spring break and reunite her with friends and family and pets whom she has been cut off from since June 2015.

It is very important that my story be heard and that as many people as possible join in my complaints against the judges and lawyers who have participated in this court-ordered child abuse.

I am about to send an email to DCS now to see if they are doing anything.   According to the Juvenile Court Clerk, a referral was sent out March 15.

New Phase of the Plan

Today I successfully fought off an attempt to put my child on a 5-year no contact order. It never would have happened if I had not gotten last-minute help from an attorney.  Actually, SHE gets ALL the credit for the victory. I had what I believe to be a ZERO percent chance of prevailing without her. She was a Godsend.

I do not plan to post much, if any between now and the end of the trial next month–and the trial had BETTER end next month since it has been continued since May.

I will say that I need money for an attorney, expert witness fees, and other expenses and I am pro se again until further notice. Donations can always be made through paypal.me/LydiaAHubbell or you can mail me a check. I am culling my Facebook group of “friends” and am going into a “stealth mode” of sorts. I don’t want to continue to feed the stalkers since they have played into my hands and I have no use for them and all they can be to me is simply an annoyance at this point, and I don’t have time for annoyances or distractions.  I do expect at least one more arrest on false charges, but they may realize by now that it is going to be ultimately counter-productive.

Shanya and other CCLJA members will still continue whatever independent activities they want to engage in, but I have a restraining order against me that I will be complying with until modified by order of the court, so you won’t be seeing me engaging in certain activities for a while.

I will encourage the CCLJA members to spend more time educating themselves than by educating the public for the next several weeks, at least. Most of them can put their time to good use studying their Constitutions. The 917 Society is really encouraging our youth, especially, to get and stay familiar with the U.S. Constitution.  I am asking all CCLJA and Tennessee JAM (Judicial Accountability Movement) members to memorize this song by Nov. 1:

If you need to reach me, you can comment here or email me at LydiaHubbell@msn.com and if I don’t respond, resend.

I welcome Tennessee JAM and CCLJA members to submit material for a blog post while I am focused on my case.

I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I am giving into civil rights intimidation.  I am simply moving on to the next step of the battle plan to set things aright in my pending court case. God’s in control, and he is, as always, directing my path. Blessed be the name of the LORD.


The Three-ring Circus! Yesterday’s Win at Trial, Next Week’s Threat

Yesterday I was acquitted of my latest bogus criminal charge that has been made in hopes of gaining an advantage in the Juvenile Court custody modification case. It was my sixth arrest in about 2 years. This is with me having 49 years without any criminal history, whatsoever.

As of this moment, there may only be a two-ring circus, since I have nothing pending in criminal court as far as I know.

Here are two videos I made yesterday. One about the acquittal and one about the new motion to put Dilara on the 5-year order of protection, which would prohibit all contact both ways between Mother and Child.  Remember that Dilara has been pleading to be restored to my primary care and custody for over two years.  .

Today my attorney withdrew. So, I’m on my own in everything except criminal court. I would love to have an attorney to represent me and just hope we win and get awarded attorney’s fees. Even better, I would like for Dilara to have an attorney who would zealously represent her interests and desires and best interest.  The situation is very dire and if Sarah Reist Digby gets her way, Dilara will never see me again. That has been the ultimate goal ever since this began over three years ago.

It is very sad to think about how mothers who have harmed their children, or who have substance abuse problems and have put their children at substantial risk of harm and even mothers in jail  have more contact with their children than I have been allowed to have with Dilara. This is so contrary to the law and to everything that is right and decent.

The lies told about me, even if they were true, still would not justify the restrictions on my fundamental liberties.  I wish more families would pay attention to my case and realize how dire the situation is and how few rights you will find that you are actually allowed to exercise if someone wants to hire a lawyer and take you to court to deprive you of them.

My friend near Dilara’s school had one of the “Please help CCLJA.org #BringDilaraHome ” signs in his front yard Saturday night. Monday morning the school principal and someone else noticed it and were pointing at it. Then a man in a white car came and yanked up the sign and threw it into his car and left. I thought that might happen. The homeowner was upset that someone would take something off his property like that and it was a good thing he didn’t catch the man in the act. He said it was stealing.
I wonder if the video surveillance footage will be clear enough to identify the culprit. The homeowner is even more determined to show his support for CCLJA.org and the effort to #BringDilaraHome. I am hoping that he will not press charges, but will simply put up another sign, perhaps one twice as large. We have an inexhaustible supply.
Last I knew of, Sarah Reist Digby’s client had a white car.  I suspect that he came by and yanked up the sign on his way to the courthouse to try to have me convicted for violating an order of protection.  I really don’t believe that there is either a valid order or protection OR a valid restraining order in effect. When I look at the laws and rules and what is happening, I can’t see how anyone could understand what is going on. That is why we have rules and laws and some kind of expectation of uniform application of those laws and rules.

I would ask again for people to contact Sarah Reist Digby directly, as well as Sharlina Pye-Mack, Dilara’s GAL, to let them know you are watching this case and expect justice for Dilara.
Sarah Reist Digby, Digby Family Law
(615) 997-3741
Sharlina Pye-Mack who is asking for the OPPOSITE of what Dilara wants and needs and is largely responsible for my daughter’s court-induced mental illness
is reached at attny4adonai@gmail.com

Corey Harkey is the legal counsel for Metro Schools and has facilitated the interference in my contact with Dilara. corey.harkey@nashville.gov .

sheri.weiner@nashville.gov is the councilwoman for Dilara’s other home and jason.potts@nashville.gov is my councilman.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (615) 741-2001,
EMAIL: bill.haslam@tn.gov

Representative Sherry Jones (615) 741-2035
EMAIL: rep.sherry.jones@capitol.tn.gov

Senator Jeff Yarbro (615) 741- 3291
EMAIL: sen.jeff.yarbro@capitol.tn.gov

Rep.Bo.Mitchell@capitol.tn.gov  and Sen.Steven.Dickerson@capitol.tn.gov are for Dilara’s other home.

Email one “to whom it may concern” message to all if you think Dilara deserves to have both parents in her life to the maximum extent possible. Anybody can see without looking too far into my case that this is not “equal justice under law” and the only way Dilara will reunited with family and friends and once again have all her needs met so she can flourish and have a bright and promising future once again is if people speak out on her behalf. I’d do it for your child, as I have done for many  others.

Sarah@digbyfamilylaw.com, attny4adonai@gmail.com, corey.harkey@nashville.gov, sheri.weiner@nashville.gov, jason.potts@nashville.gov, bill.haslam@tn.gov, rep.sherry.jones@capitol.tn.gov, sen.jeff.yarbro@capitol.tn.gov, Rep.Bo.Mitchell@capitol.tn.gov, Sen.Steven.Dickerson@capitol.tn.gov




September 8, 2017 A Mother-Daughter Moment

Last night with Callie Hubbell at her dorm. She just started her third year at Vanderbilt University. My son, Noah, just started his freshman year at the University of Minnesota. Two products of shared parenting between me and my ex-husband.  Dilara is my out-of-wedlock child I was surprised with, born when I was 42.  I successfully shared parenting with Dilara’s father until he decided he didn’t need me anymore, and neither (in his opinion) did Dilara, and he managed to get judges in Davidson County, Tennessee to agree with him.

Dilara is in third grade, but if she were still homeschooling, she would be ENJOYING being educated rather than tolerating it. She would be doing 5th grade work, and more advanced work in some subjects. I hate holding kids back, and worse, still, is being forced to watch from a distance as other people hold my child back. #FreeDilaraGider

Can you tell I had been crying? I have been especially sad for the past few days. It is hard to accept reality. I am trying so hard, every day, to get Dilara’s story heard by more people. She needs to come home. I have learned my lesson and know what needs to be done. Please, God, bring her home soon. We have so much work to do and we need each other to do it most effectively.

I’m so glad to have made connection with The 917 Society. http://www.917society.com .  Eighth grade is a little late to be studying the Constitution for the first time, but eighth-graders can do much good work. Anyone over 13 or so should be able to do as much work as an adult. And they should be given good work to do. Always give children good work to do. Starting with toddlers.

Dilara’s best friend, Shanya,  is getting a head start at the age of nine. It will be wonderful to see what she does with herself in the next four years.
I love early childhood, but I also see how middle childhood is full of wonderfulness, too, as you watch children continue to become themselves.

I have missed out on so much of Dilara’s life because of corruption in the judicial system. And she has missed out on so much, too.  I have been denied contact with Dilara for 19 of the past 26 months or so. In over 2 years I have had less than 50 hours parenting time, and that was unlawfully ordered to be supervised (Judge Sheila Calloway pandering to attorney Sarah Reist Digby and her client).  What will it take to #BringDilaraHome? It will take a public outcry.  Do ordinary citizens care enough to pay attention and take action to save Dilara and other children who were wrongfully ripped from one or both of their parents because of judges ignoring the Constitution they swore to support?

We will see. I will be in court Monday over this latest arrest on false charges. On Tuesday I expect my attorney to withdraw because I am so much in debt to her and I have no way to pay her.  October 15 is Dilara’s ninth birthday (which I expect to miss as I have missed her last 2 birthdays) and I will be in court October 16 to continue the custody modification trial which I hope will end with Dilara’s rights and my rights being restored.

I was watching Nick Clooney’s video segment on the 917 Society’s site. https://youtu.be/QT3FaGITgu0 I sure wish he or his son would take interest in my case and make sure I don’t lose my lawyer. If God wants me to win this with a lawyer, he will provide one. Connie Reguli has been awesome. She is prepared to win this case and be awarded attorney’s fees. I just can’t expect her to take the risk that Judge Sheila Calloway will continue to administer injustice and ignore the law and the best interest of the child as she has done for the past 2 1/2 years or so. I expect that we will use all three court dates we have scheduled for October, and they will easily run up another $10,000 in attorney fees.  ALL my attorney fees should be paid by my adversary. And they will be, I believe, if I prevail.  Connie was so good to stick her neck out for me as far as she has. She has been a godsend. And I have learned lessons through watching how she has been treated in my case.

So much has been done to cause delay and to run up my fees so that I would run out of money and be forced to argue my case pro se again.  That is misconduct on Sarah Reist Digby’s part.  I plan to file an official complaint for her many transgressions and I hope many members of the public will join with me in holding her accountable and in sending a message to other corrupt attorneys.

Constitution Day Coming Up


I just reached out to http://www.917society.com  The Constitution Day is September 17, but will be observed 2 weeks from today, on September 18.

I keep saying that it doesn’t matter what the law says as long as the judges are not enforcing it. Education as to what the Constitution says is great, but people need to also take action to hold the judges and lawyers accountable.

Children don’t need to wait until they are in 8th grade to get their own copy of the Constitution or understand what they can do to “support” it.

Shanya was hard at work again today on her campaign to #BringDilaraHome.