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Dilara Gider is a 10 year old child who has had her life devastated by abusive court orders, issued at her father’s request. She wants and needs both her mother and her father in her life in a meaningful way and despite her mother (me, Lydia Hubbell) having never harmed her or endangered her, her father has spent over $60,000 in legal expenses and has committed perjury numerous times and has abusively misused the legal system in many ways in order to completely erase me from Dilara’s life.

The average Tennessean or citizen of the United States of America may have the belief that children are never taken from parents, especially from mothers, unless the parents have abused or put the children at substantial risk of harm.  I believed that, too. After watching judges sign unlawful orders time and time again, and restricting all contact between Dilara and me, even despite expert witness recommendation and numerous unbiased witnesses testifying about how Dilara has been adversely affected from being denied the close and continuing relationship with both parents, which the courts are supposed to promote, I know the truth. I have followed the cases of other children and family and read stories on MedicalKidnap.com and through various online support groups and news outlets. Children are ripped from their biological families, sometimes permanently, without any harm, whatsoever.

In my case, prior to the court interfering in my relationship with Dilara, Dilara was by ALL accounts, doing well. There were NO concerns about her social-emotional development or behavior.  After June 2015, when the father went to a different judge and lied along with his attorney to get an order of protection that cut Dilara off from ALL CONTACT with her mother for an entire year (and Dilara was  6 1/2 years old at the time, and just a few weeks earlier, the father had admitted in court that I had never harmed Dilara), Dilara entered a downward spiral emotionally and behaviorally which she has not pulled out of and by the age of  8 1/2, after being violent and identified as “emotionally disturbed” by the school psychologist, she began expressing suicidal ideation.  Numerous witnesses from her school have testified about how much Dilara has been distressed from having her contact with her mother restricted.

There have been many laws broken in order to completely sever me from Dilara’s life. I am technically still in possession of my parental rights, but I am not being allowed to exercise any of them. I am not even allowed to see my daughter’s report card or know who my daughter’s pediatrician is. This is all without me having ever harmed my child in any way and with her being very vocal about the stress and pain being inflicted by the deprivation of meaningful contact with me. She has also been cut off from her siblings and all other family members and friends and church family.

After over 4 years of witnessing the failures of the family court system and the Tennessee Child Protective Services and Department of Children Services,  it has become abundantly clear that while I continue to seek justice and protection for my daughter, I must also reach out to the public to make them aware of not only my daughter’s plight, but of the corruption that causes trauma to children at taxpayer’s expense.

My name is Lydia Hubbell and I am ramping up a public awareness campaign with the support and encouragement of concerned citizens of all ages, and the CCLJA (Children Campaigning for Liberty and Justice in America) was started when my daughter’s best friend expressed outraged and felt a call to action.  It has been slow going, but the more people hear and get involved in spreading the word, the sooner we can get people to realize that every child is at risk from court-ordered child abuse.

I have met and spoken with many children who have suffered immense trauma from being cut off from one or both parents. Sometimes there are issues such as domestic violence or drug or other substance abuse, or other harm or risk to children, but often it is simply one parent who doesn’t like the other and doesn’t want the child to like them either. Often times the state takes children from “good enough” parents based on lies. Judges too often enable and reward parental alienation and engage in domestic violence by proxy. Unethical attorneys encourage their clients to abusively misuse the legal system in order to achieve their goal of cutting the other parent out of the child’s life.  There are more protections in criminal court, but in my own case, I have been arrested 8 times in a little over three years on bogus charges and even though I have no convictions and charges have been expunged, the police and DCS can see the arrest history and not everyone understands that “probable cause” can be nothing more than an allegation. When I have sought protection from the law, for false accusations made against me, for harassment, for aggravated perjury, for civil rights intimidation, I am told that I have to hire an attorney and sue my adversary in civil court. And there is nothing the D.A. or police will do to help my daughter.

Abuse thrives in silence. That is one reason why unconstitutional gag orders are often placed on parents.  And that is why I speak out. I may not be able to free Dilara myself, but I can make sure her story is told.

I have put my story and most of my court documents (the ones I have written as well as the ones my adversaries have submitted) and I have uploaded most of my court hearings. I know people don’t want to believe it is “that easy” to erase a mother and other loved ones from a young child’s life, but it is the truth and it is my daughter’s story and m y story and it needs to be told. I just hope enough people will take interest in the injustice and will speak out against it, not just for Dilara’s sake, but for all children and families.

Lydia A. Hubbell on Facebook. I have a few different groups. #TeamDilara, #FreeDilaraGider, Bring Dilara Home. Many documents are under “photos” and “albums” on my facebook page. Others are in groups. Nobody has EVER presented any proof, whatsoever that I have harmed Dilara in any way, and nobody ever will. She has been harmed by my absence, not my actions. And, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Please help stop court-ordered child abuse and parental alienation and domestic abuse by proxy. The next victim could be you or someone you love.

Author: cclja

Mother of 3 and Warrior for Justice and advocate for children.

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