No School for Rain, Great Day to Help #BringDilaraHome

This is Eid. It is a holiday our Kurdish friends and our Turkish friends celebrate. It is a “Feast of the Sacrifice” to remember Abraham being called to sacrifice his son, but God provided a ram instead, when Abraham had shown his faith.

We have had a rainy day—we are getting leftovers from Hurricane Harvey, which has devastated Texas.  There has been some flooding around Nashville, and concern about more, so schools were closed.

I spent 6 hours at the law library at Vanderbilt University and I spent a whole 8 hour day working yesterday on legal paperwork that has to be dealt with because of the continuous lies being told by attorney Sarah Reist Digby in her efforts to keep me cut out of my daughter’s life.  Today her best friend, Shanya and I have been working to let the public know that we need their help to get Dilara home.

I spoke personally to several people. I had little zip-lock bags with Dilara’s picture, a picture of Dilara and her friend, and the letter Shanya wrote…I went to the Dollar Tree store and I spoke to several mothers and invited them to check out our website and join us. I also spoke with 2 older women. They said they would put Dilara on their prayer list at church. One went to the Methodist Church in Hillsboro Village and one went to First Baptist in Antioch.  I let them know what valuable work retired and elderly or disabled people can do and how there is something everyone can do to help. Seriously, if a 9 year old can do what Shanya is doing to make a difference in the life of her friend and other children.

I have really been so impressed with Shanya’s dedication and enthusiasm in her work. I am trying to share photos and videos so other people can see what I am seeing.

This is Labor Day weekend. I hope to meet up with some of my other young Warriors for Justice and give them some tools to help them to share Dilara’s story next week in their schools and neighborhoods.”

I will never give up my work to bring Dilara home and to help and protect other children who are suffering because the attorneys and judges are not following the laws and rules that are in place to keep us safe.

Judges are supposed to consider “where the public interest lies”.  We, the public, need to tell them that our interest lies in our children being protected from trauma that results from the lawyers and judges violating their oath of office.

We need to get the  word out. Please share the videos and this website and encourage others to help #BringDilaraHome and hold the courts accountable.



Author: cclja

Mother of 3 and Warrior for Justice and advocate for children.

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