How To Solve the Problem

Shanya and Sharo and I made comb kazoos today. It was fun, as you can see. Shanya looked pretty silly playing her kazoo with a piece of turkey tucked in her cheek like a hamster saving food for later. She is a delight, and so was Dilara. We both miss Dilara so much.

Dilara should be here with us.  She will never come home and they judges and lawyers in my case will go on to continue to engage in this legal plunder of the lives of children of parents who can’t afford legal representation. The children of America deserve better. The constitution’s chains have been way too slack for way too long and the ONLY WAY for us to restore the integrity of the judicial system is for the people of America and the world to stand up and demand that the laws be upheld.  They never reached the bar of showing that I have harmed my child and they are ignoring all the evidence that she is being harmed by being kept from me.  This is not the first time they have done this and they will use this case as precedent if we don’t stop them. This has been going on for too many years. YOU MUST STOP IT AND YOU WON’T STOP IT BY BEING INTIMIDATED OR COERCED OR ORDERED TO BE SILENT. ABUSE THRIVES ONLY IN SILENCE.

Every child should imagine themselves or their best friend in Dilara’s place or Annalise Rivenburg’s place. Every parent should imagine they are suffering what I have suffered, and knowing how painful it has been for my child is worse than enduring my own grief and sorrow. I wrote these words (in the description) and they are my reality. Only YOU can bring Dilara home and keep her safe from further court-ordered abuse. They say “music speaks louder than words” and I have tried both to get the message across to the public that the oppression will only get worse when people ‘let them’ get away with making a mockery out of the justice system as they have.  The people have the power, what will it take to convince them to use it?  The kids are on board…where are those of voting age? I have some, I need many, many more.

How to solve the problem? Demand that the judges and lawyers follow the law. They are our servants, not our masters and we have power over them if we will use it.  Judicial accountability is a requirement, not an option. They have shown what they will do when there are no consequences…they do whatever they please, regardless of how many rules, laws, or HEARTS they break with their unjust orders.

Help us to #BringDilaraHome.  Contact me if you need more specific instructions or if you have questions or concerns.

Author: cclja

Mother of 3 and Warrior for Justice and advocate for children.

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