The Three-ring Circus! Yesterday’s Win at Trial, Next Week’s Threat

Yesterday I was acquitted of my latest bogus criminal charge that has been made in hopes of gaining an advantage in the Juvenile Court custody modification case. It was my sixth arrest in about 2 years. This is with me having 49 years without any criminal history, whatsoever.

As of this moment, there may only be a two-ring circus, since I have nothing pending in criminal court as far as I know.

Here are two videos I made yesterday. One about the acquittal and one about the new motion to put Dilara on the 5-year order of protection, which would prohibit all contact both ways between Mother and Child.  Remember that Dilara has been pleading to be restored to my primary care and custody for over two years.  .

Today my attorney withdrew. So, I’m on my own in everything except criminal court. I would love to have an attorney to represent me and just hope we win and get awarded attorney’s fees. Even better, I would like for Dilara to have an attorney who would zealously represent her interests and desires and best interest.  The situation is very dire and if Sarah Reist Digby gets her way, Dilara will never see me again. That has been the ultimate goal ever since this began over three years ago.

It is very sad to think about how mothers who have harmed their children, or who have substance abuse problems and have put their children at substantial risk of harm and even mothers in jail  have more contact with their children than I have been allowed to have with Dilara. This is so contrary to the law and to everything that is right and decent.

The lies told about me, even if they were true, still would not justify the restrictions on my fundamental liberties.  I wish more families would pay attention to my case and realize how dire the situation is and how few rights you will find that you are actually allowed to exercise if someone wants to hire a lawyer and take you to court to deprive you of them.

My friend near Dilara’s school had one of the “Please help #BringDilaraHome ” signs in his front yard Saturday night. Monday morning the school principal and someone else noticed it and were pointing at it. Then a man in a white car came and yanked up the sign and threw it into his car and left. I thought that might happen. The homeowner was upset that someone would take something off his property like that and it was a good thing he didn’t catch the man in the act. He said it was stealing.
I wonder if the video surveillance footage will be clear enough to identify the culprit. The homeowner is even more determined to show his support for and the effort to #BringDilaraHome. I am hoping that he will not press charges, but will simply put up another sign, perhaps one twice as large. We have an inexhaustible supply.
Last I knew of, Sarah Reist Digby’s client had a white car.  I suspect that he came by and yanked up the sign on his way to the courthouse to try to have me convicted for violating an order of protection.  I really don’t believe that there is either a valid order or protection OR a valid restraining order in effect. When I look at the laws and rules and what is happening, I can’t see how anyone could understand what is going on. That is why we have rules and laws and some kind of expectation of uniform application of those laws and rules.

I would ask again for people to contact Sarah Reist Digby directly, as well as Sharlina Pye-Mack, Dilara’s GAL, to let them know you are watching this case and expect justice for Dilara.
Sarah Reist Digby, Digby Family Law
(615) 997-3741
Sharlina Pye-Mack who is asking for the OPPOSITE of what Dilara wants and needs and is largely responsible for my daughter’s court-induced mental illness
is reached at

Corey Harkey is the legal counsel for Metro Schools and has facilitated the interference in my contact with Dilara. . is the councilwoman for Dilara’s other home and is my councilman.

Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (615) 741-2001,

Representative Sherry Jones (615) 741-2035

Senator Jeff Yarbro (615) 741- 3291
EMAIL:  and are for Dilara’s other home.

Email one “to whom it may concern” message to all if you think Dilara deserves to have both parents in her life to the maximum extent possible. Anybody can see without looking too far into my case that this is not “equal justice under law” and the only way Dilara will reunited with family and friends and once again have all her needs met so she can flourish and have a bright and promising future once again is if people speak out on her behalf. I’d do it for your child, as I have done for many  others.,,,,,,,,,




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Mother of 3 and Warrior for Justice and advocate for children.

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