New Phase of the Plan

Today I successfully fought off an attempt to put my child on a 5-year no contact order. It never would have happened if I had not gotten last-minute help from an attorney.  Actually, SHE gets ALL the credit for the victory. I had what I believe to be a ZERO percent chance of prevailing without her. She was a Godsend.

I do not plan to post much, if any between now and the end of the trial next month–and the trial had BETTER end next month since it has been continued since May.

I will say that I need money for an attorney, expert witness fees, and other expenses and I am pro se again until further notice. Donations can always be made through or you can mail me a check. I am culling my Facebook group of “friends” and am going into a “stealth mode” of sorts. I don’t want to continue to feed the stalkers since they have played into my hands and I have no use for them and all they can be to me is simply an annoyance at this point, and I don’t have time for annoyances or distractions.  I do expect at least one more arrest on false charges, but they may realize by now that it is going to be ultimately counter-productive.

Shanya and other CCLJA members will still continue whatever independent activities they want to engage in, but I have a restraining order against me that I will be complying with until modified by order of the court, so you won’t be seeing me engaging in certain activities for a while.

I will encourage the CCLJA members to spend more time educating themselves than by educating the public for the next several weeks, at least. Most of them can put their time to good use studying their Constitutions. The 917 Society is really encouraging our youth, especially, to get and stay familiar with the U.S. Constitution.  I am asking all CCLJA and Tennessee JAM (Judicial Accountability Movement) members to memorize this song by Nov. 1:

If you need to reach me, you can comment here or email me at and if I don’t respond, resend.

I welcome Tennessee JAM and CCLJA members to submit material for a blog post while I am focused on my case.

I don’t want anyone to get the impression that I am giving into civil rights intimidation.  I am simply moving on to the next step of the battle plan to set things aright in my pending court case. God’s in control, and he is, as always, directing my path. Blessed be the name of the LORD.


Author: cclja

Mother of 3 and Warrior for Justice and advocate for children.

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