September 8, 2017 A Mother-Daughter Moment

Last night with Callie Hubbell at her dorm. She just started her third year at Vanderbilt University. My son, Noah, just started his freshman year at the University of Minnesota. Two products of shared parenting between me and my ex-husband.  Dilara is my out-of-wedlock child I was surprised with, born when I was 42.  I successfully shared parenting with Dilara’s father until he decided he didn’t need me anymore, and neither (in his opinion) did Dilara, and he managed to get judges in Davidson County, Tennessee to agree with him.

Dilara is in third grade, but if she were still homeschooling, she would be ENJOYING being educated rather than tolerating it. She would be doing 5th grade work, and more advanced work in some subjects. I hate holding kids back, and worse, still, is being forced to watch from a distance as other people hold my child back. #FreeDilaraGider

Can you tell I had been crying? I have been especially sad for the past few days. It is hard to accept reality. I am trying so hard, every day, to get Dilara’s story heard by more people. She needs to come home. I have learned my lesson and know what needs to be done. Please, God, bring her home soon. We have so much work to do and we need each other to do it most effectively.

I’m so glad to have made connection with The 917 Society. .  Eighth grade is a little late to be studying the Constitution for the first time, but eighth-graders can do much good work. Anyone over 13 or so should be able to do as much work as an adult. And they should be given good work to do. Always give children good work to do. Starting with toddlers.

Dilara’s best friend, Shanya,  is getting a head start at the age of nine. It will be wonderful to see what she does with herself in the next four years.
I love early childhood, but I also see how middle childhood is full of wonderfulness, too, as you watch children continue to become themselves.

I have missed out on so much of Dilara’s life because of corruption in the judicial system. And she has missed out on so much, too.  I have been denied contact with Dilara for 19 of the past 26 months or so. In over 2 years I have had less than 50 hours parenting time, and that was unlawfully ordered to be supervised (Judge Sheila Calloway pandering to attorney Sarah Reist Digby and her client).  What will it take to #BringDilaraHome? It will take a public outcry.  Do ordinary citizens care enough to pay attention and take action to save Dilara and other children who were wrongfully ripped from one or both of their parents because of judges ignoring the Constitution they swore to support?

We will see. I will be in court Monday over this latest arrest on false charges. On Tuesday I expect my attorney to withdraw because I am so much in debt to her and I have no way to pay her.  October 15 is Dilara’s ninth birthday (which I expect to miss as I have missed her last 2 birthdays) and I will be in court October 16 to continue the custody modification trial which I hope will end with Dilara’s rights and my rights being restored.

I was watching Nick Clooney’s video segment on the 917 Society’s site. I sure wish he or his son would take interest in my case and make sure I don’t lose my lawyer. If God wants me to win this with a lawyer, he will provide one. Connie Reguli has been awesome. She is prepared to win this case and be awarded attorney’s fees. I just can’t expect her to take the risk that Judge Sheila Calloway will continue to administer injustice and ignore the law and the best interest of the child as she has done for the past 2 1/2 years or so. I expect that we will use all three court dates we have scheduled for October, and they will easily run up another $10,000 in attorney fees.  ALL my attorney fees should be paid by my adversary. And they will be, I believe, if I prevail.  Connie was so good to stick her neck out for me as far as she has. She has been a godsend. And I have learned lessons through watching how she has been treated in my case.

So much has been done to cause delay and to run up my fees so that I would run out of money and be forced to argue my case pro se again.  That is misconduct on Sarah Reist Digby’s part.  I plan to file an official complaint for her many transgressions and I hope many members of the public will join with me in holding her accountable and in sending a message to other corrupt attorneys.

Constitution Day Coming Up

I just reached out to  The Constitution Day is September 17, but will be observed 2 weeks from today, on September 18.

I keep saying that it doesn’t matter what the law says as long as the judges are not enforcing it. Education as to what the Constitution says is great, but people need to also take action to hold the judges and lawyers accountable.

Children don’t need to wait until they are in 8th grade to get their own copy of the Constitution or understand what they can do to “support” it.

Shanya was hard at work again today on her campaign to #BringDilaraHome.


No School for Rain, Great Day to Help #BringDilaraHome

This is Eid. It is a holiday our Kurdish friends and our Turkish friends celebrate. It is a “Feast of the Sacrifice” to remember Abraham being called to sacrifice his son, but God provided a ram instead, when Abraham had shown his faith.

We have had a rainy day—we are getting leftovers from Hurricane Harvey, which has devastated Texas.  There has been some flooding around Nashville, and concern about more, so schools were closed.

I spent 6 hours at the law library at Vanderbilt University and I spent a whole 8 hour day working yesterday on legal paperwork that has to be dealt with because of the continuous lies being told by attorney Sarah Reist Digby in her efforts to keep me cut out of my daughter’s life.  Today her best friend, Shanya and I have been working to let the public know that we need their help to get Dilara home.

I spoke personally to several people. I had little zip-lock bags with Dilara’s picture, a picture of Dilara and her friend, and the letter Shanya wrote…I went to the Dollar Tree store and I spoke to several mothers and invited them to check out our website and join us. I also spoke with 2 older women. They said they would put Dilara on their prayer list at church. One went to the Methodist Church in Hillsboro Village and one went to First Baptist in Antioch.  I let them know what valuable work retired and elderly or disabled people can do and how there is something everyone can do to help. Seriously, if a 9 year old can do what Shanya is doing to make a difference in the life of her friend and other children.

I have really been so impressed with Shanya’s dedication and enthusiasm in her work. I am trying to share photos and videos so other people can see what I am seeing.

This is Labor Day weekend. I hope to meet up with some of my other young Warriors for Justice and give them some tools to help them to share Dilara’s story next week in their schools and neighborhoods.”

I will never give up my work to bring Dilara home and to help and protect other children who are suffering because the attorneys and judges are not following the laws and rules that are in place to keep us safe.

Judges are supposed to consider “where the public interest lies”.  We, the public, need to tell them that our interest lies in our children being protected from trauma that results from the lawyers and judges violating their oath of office.

We need to get the  word out. Please share the videos and this website and encourage others to help #BringDilaraHome and hold the courts accountable.



How To Solve the Problem

Shanya and Sharo and I made comb kazoos today. It was fun, as you can see. Shanya looked pretty silly playing her kazoo with a piece of turkey tucked in her cheek like a hamster saving food for later. She is a delight, and so was Dilara. We both miss Dilara so much.

Dilara should be here with us.  She will never come home and they judges and lawyers in my case will go on to continue to engage in this legal plunder of the lives of children of parents who can’t afford legal representation. The children of America deserve better. The constitution’s chains have been way too slack for way too long and the ONLY WAY for us to restore the integrity of the judicial system is for the people of America and the world to stand up and demand that the laws be upheld.  They never reached the bar of showing that I have harmed my child and they are ignoring all the evidence that she is being harmed by being kept from me.  This is not the first time they have done this and they will use this case as precedent if we don’t stop them. This has been going on for too many years. YOU MUST STOP IT AND YOU WON’T STOP IT BY BEING INTIMIDATED OR COERCED OR ORDERED TO BE SILENT. ABUSE THRIVES ONLY IN SILENCE.

Every child should imagine themselves or their best friend in Dilara’s place or Annalise Rivenburg’s place. Every parent should imagine they are suffering what I have suffered, and knowing how painful it has been for my child is worse than enduring my own grief and sorrow. I wrote these words (in the description) and they are my reality. Only YOU can bring Dilara home and keep her safe from further court-ordered abuse. They say “music speaks louder than words” and I have tried both to get the message across to the public that the oppression will only get worse when people ‘let them’ get away with making a mockery out of the justice system as they have.  The people have the power, what will it take to convince them to use it?  The kids are on board…where are those of voting age? I have some, I need many, many more.

How to solve the problem? Demand that the judges and lawyers follow the law. They are our servants, not our masters and we have power over them if we will use it.  Judicial accountability is a requirement, not an option. They have shown what they will do when there are no consequences…they do whatever they please, regardless of how many rules, laws, or HEARTS they break with their unjust orders.

Help us to #BringDilaraHome.  Contact me if you need more specific instructions or if you have questions or concerns.

How to Help #BringDilaraHome and Why You Should

Tennessee Constitution, Declaration of Rights:
“…all power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their PEACE, SAFETY, AND HAPPINESS; for the advancement of those ends they have at all times, an unalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform, or abolish the government in such manner as they may think proper.
“That government being instituted for the common benefit, the doctrine of nonresistance against arbitrary power and oppression is absurd, slavish, and destructive of the good and happiness of mankind. ”
Where is Dilara’s peace, safety, and happiness? Sarah Reist Digby, Digby Family Law has taken it from her.
Exercise your right to express your opinion, especially in the defense of innocent children, like my Dilara.
Section 1, Article 19 of Tennessee Constitution DECLARES:
“The free communication of thoughts and opinions, is one of the invaluable rights of man and every citizen may freely speak, write, and print on any subject, being responsible for the abuse of that liberty.”
If you are not threatening or making false statements, or otherwise abusing the liberty, your speech is constitutionally-protected, and a gag-order is unlawful and should be resisted if you are prepared to suffer short-term consequences for long-term benefit to others.
I urge everyone who is of the opinion that Dilara’s rights should be restored that were unlawfully taken from her, and that unethical lawyers and judges should be held accountable, send 3 emails with something like #FreeDIlaraDider, #ISupportDilaraGider, #TeamDilara or #BringDilaraHome and either let that be the end of your message, or (better) include your name and address in the email or (best) a short note explaining why you think Dilara’s rights should be restored. . Send these to: (Sarah Reist Digby is the unethical lawyer who started this war on my family over 3 years ago, despite knowing how damaging it is to Dilara) (Sharlina Pye-Mack, Dilara’s court-appointed and paid for by Tennessee Guardian ad Litem who is advocating against everything her client (Dilara) has clearly stated that she wants and needs) (Corey Harkey is the legal counsel for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools and she has worked in concert with the 2 other attorneys to stand between Dilara and me.)
If you simply send those 3 mails, it will make an impact. The corrupt judges in this case are:
Judge Phillip Robinson, Third Circuit Court, Nashville, Tennessee, who has committed the crimes of Civil Rights Intimidation and Severe Child Abuse. He has not been formally charged, but Dilara and I will testify against him if we ever get the opportunity. We know he is guilty of these felonies, as defined in Tennessee Code, whether or not he is held accountable.
Judge Sheila Calloway, Juvenile Court Judge, Davidson County has also made this civil rights intimidation and child abuse possible, through her unlawful orders.
We have only a few weeks left to implement my plan to hold these people accountable and force them to #FreeDilaraGider
Pull out ALL the stops and get this case WORLDWIDE attention. Dilara can’t go on like this……she needs her freedom to associate with family and friends.
If you do what I ask (or implement your better ideas!) to get Dilara home, we will have a good start and won’t need the laser-focus of those around the world. Help #BringDilaraHome and we will send such a powerful message that Sarah Reist Digby will never pull such a stunt again. I am going to work to get her disbarred, but if she continues to practice, I will be watching her and if she pulls these dirty tricks to hurt another child, I will pull out all the stops again. EVERYBODY deserves equal justice under law, regardless of their age or financial status.

It is up to us to #MakeItSo

Some ideas…These albums are works in progress, please share your own ideas and photos of what you implement:
Shanya came up with the idea of “fighting to get Dilara back” in Feb. 2017 when she realized how long she had been waiting for Dilara to come home…18 months or so at that point. She and friends started with these, and Dilara was very appreciative:


New Album! And re-post of other Guerrilla Warrior for Justice “weapons” and tools and strategies. Pick a few..



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How many different kinds of letters and letter campaigns can you think of? Don't forget to write to those in jail. Send birthday cards to kids who are not with their parents.

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See videos….Peter Yarrow's Protest Song workshop and like…

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Billboards, business cards, bumper stickers, car magnets, temporary tattoos, "apparel" (including tote bags, jewelry, hat bands, arm bands, etc.), chalking on windshields

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She called these "goggles"-Dilara with her balloon creation pre-abduction. All I did was blow them up and tie a knot in them. When she comes home, she will be excited to know we used balloons to get her home.

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