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Dilara Gider is a 10 year old child who has had her life devastated by abusive court orders, issued at her father’s request. She wants and needs both her mother and her father in her life in a meaningful way and despite her mother (me, Lydia Hubbell) having never harmed her or endangered her, her father has spent over $60,000 in legal expenses and has committed perjury numerous times and has abusively misused the legal system in many ways in order to completely erase me from Dilara’s life.

The average Tennessean or citizen of the United States of America may have the belief that children are never taken from parents, especially from mothers, unless the parents have abused or put the children at substantial risk of harm.  I believed that, too. After watching judges sign unlawful orders time and time again, and restricting all contact between Dilara and me, even despite expert witness recommendation and numerous unbiased witnesses testifying about how Dilara has been adversely affected from being denied the close and continuing relationship with both parents, which the courts are supposed to promote, I know the truth. I have followed the cases of other children and family and read stories on and through various online support groups and news outlets. Children are ripped from their biological families, sometimes permanently, without any harm, whatsoever.

In my case, prior to the court interfering in my relationship with Dilara, Dilara was by ALL accounts, doing well. There were NO concerns about her social-emotional development or behavior.  After June 2015, when the father went to a different judge and lied along with his attorney to get an order of protection that cut Dilara off from ALL CONTACT with her mother for an entire year (and Dilara was  6 1/2 years old at the time, and just a few weeks earlier, the father had admitted in court that I had never harmed Dilara), Dilara entered a downward spiral emotionally and behaviorally which she has not pulled out of and by the age of  8 1/2, after being violent and identified as “emotionally disturbed” by the school psychologist, she began expressing suicidal ideation.  Numerous witnesses from her school have testified about how much Dilara has been distressed from having her contact with her mother restricted.

There have been many laws broken in order to completely sever me from Dilara’s life. I am technically still in possession of my parental rights, but I am not being allowed to exercise any of them. I am not even allowed to see my daughter’s report card or know who my daughter’s pediatrician is. This is all without me having ever harmed my child in any way and with her being very vocal about the stress and pain being inflicted by the deprivation of meaningful contact with me. She has also been cut off from her siblings and all other family members and friends and church family.

After over 4 years of witnessing the failures of the family court system and the Tennessee Child Protective Services and Department of Children Services,  it has become abundantly clear that while I continue to seek justice and protection for my daughter, I must also reach out to the public to make them aware of not only my daughter’s plight, but of the corruption that causes trauma to children at taxpayer’s expense.

My name is Lydia Hubbell and I am ramping up a public awareness campaign with the support and encouragement of concerned citizens of all ages, and the CCLJA (Children Campaigning for Liberty and Justice in America) was started when my daughter’s best friend expressed outraged and felt a call to action.  It has been slow going, but the more people hear and get involved in spreading the word, the sooner we can get people to realize that every child is at risk from court-ordered child abuse.

I have met and spoken with many children who have suffered immense trauma from being cut off from one or both parents. Sometimes there are issues such as domestic violence or drug or other substance abuse, or other harm or risk to children, but often it is simply one parent who doesn’t like the other and doesn’t want the child to like them either. Often times the state takes children from “good enough” parents based on lies. Judges too often enable and reward parental alienation and engage in domestic violence by proxy. Unethical attorneys encourage their clients to abusively misuse the legal system in order to achieve their goal of cutting the other parent out of the child’s life.  There are more protections in criminal court, but in my own case, I have been arrested 8 times in a little over three years on bogus charges and even though I have no convictions and charges have been expunged, the police and DCS can see the arrest history and not everyone understands that “probable cause” can be nothing more than an allegation. When I have sought protection from the law, for false accusations made against me, for harassment, for aggravated perjury, for civil rights intimidation, I am told that I have to hire an attorney and sue my adversary in civil court. And there is nothing the D.A. or police will do to help my daughter.

Abuse thrives in silence. That is one reason why unconstitutional gag orders are often placed on parents.  And that is why I speak out. I may not be able to free Dilara myself, but I can make sure her story is told.

I have put my story and most of my court documents (the ones I have written as well as the ones my adversaries have submitted) and I have uploaded most of my court hearings. I know people don’t want to believe it is “that easy” to erase a mother and other loved ones from a young child’s life, but it is the truth and it is my daughter’s story and m y story and it needs to be told. I just hope enough people will take interest in the injustice and will speak out against it, not just for Dilara’s sake, but for all children and families.

Lydia A. Hubbell on Facebook. I have a few different groups. #TeamDilara, #FreeDilaraGider, Bring Dilara Home. Many documents are under “photos” and “albums” on my facebook page. Others are in groups. Nobody has EVER presented any proof, whatsoever that I have harmed Dilara in any way, and nobody ever will. She has been harmed by my absence, not my actions. And, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Please help stop court-ordered child abuse and parental alienation and domestic abuse by proxy. The next victim could be you or someone you love.

Tennessee JAM for Families! (Judicial Accountability Movement) JUNE 8-9 EVENTS, NASHVILLE, TN

Tennessee JAM (Judicial Accountability Movement) and

CCLJA (Children Campaigning For Liberty and Justice in America)

September 8, 2017 A Mother-Daughter Moment

Last night with Callie Hubbell at her dorm. She just started her third year at Vanderbilt University. My son, Noah, just started his freshman year at the University of Minnesota. Two products of shared parenting between me and my ex-husband.  Dilara is my out-of-wedlock child I was surprised with, born when I was 42.  I successfully shared parenting with Dilara’s father until he decided he didn’t need me anymore, and neither (in his opinion) did Dilara, and he managed to get judges in Davidson County, Tennessee to agree with him.

Dilara is in third grade, but if she were still homeschooling, she would be ENJOYING being educated rather than tolerating it. She would be doing 5th grade work, and more advanced work in some subjects. I hate holding kids back, and worse, still, is being forced to watch from a distance as other people hold my child back. #FreeDilaraGider

Can you tell I had been crying? I have been especially sad for the past few days. It is hard to accept reality. I am trying so hard, every day, to get Dilara’s story heard by more people. She needs to come home. I have learned my lesson and know what needs to be done. Please, God, bring her home soon. We have so much work to do and we need each other to do it most effectively.

I’m so glad to have made connection with The 917 Society. .  Eighth grade is a little late to be studying the Constitution for the first time, but eighth-graders can do much good work. Anyone over 13 or so should be able to do as much work as an adult. And they should be given good work to do. Always give children good work to do. Starting with toddlers.

Dilara’s best friend, Shanya,  is getting a head start at the age of nine. It will be wonderful to see what she does with herself in the next four years.
I love early childhood, but I also see how middle childhood is full of wonderfulness, too, as you watch children continue to become themselves.

I have missed out on so much of Dilara’s life because of corruption in the judicial system. And she has missed out on so much, too.  I have been denied contact with Dilara for 19 of the past 26 months or so. In over 2 years I have had less than 50 hours parenting time, and that was unlawfully ordered to be supervised (Judge Sheila Calloway pandering to attorney Sarah Reist Digby and her client).  What will it take to #BringDilaraHome? It will take a public outcry.  Do ordinary citizens care enough to pay attention and take action to save Dilara and other children who were wrongfully ripped from one or both of their parents because of judges ignoring the Constitution they swore to support?

We will see. I will be in court Monday over this latest arrest on false charges. On Tuesday I expect my attorney to withdraw because I am so much in debt to her and I have no way to pay her.  October 15 is Dilara’s ninth birthday (which I expect to miss as I have missed her last 2 birthdays) and I will be in court October 16 to continue the custody modification trial which I hope will end with Dilara’s rights and my rights being restored.

I was watching Nick Clooney’s video segment on the 917 Society’s site. I sure wish he or his son would take interest in my case and make sure I don’t lose my lawyer. If God wants me to win this with a lawyer, he will provide one. Connie Reguli has been awesome. She is prepared to win this case and be awarded attorney’s fees. I just can’t expect her to take the risk that Judge Sheila Calloway will continue to administer injustice and ignore the law and the best interest of the child as she has done for the past 2 1/2 years or so. I expect that we will use all three court dates we have scheduled for October, and they will easily run up another $10,000 in attorney fees.  ALL my attorney fees should be paid by my adversary. And they will be, I believe, if I prevail.  Connie was so good to stick her neck out for me as far as she has. She has been a godsend. And I have learned lessons through watching how she has been treated in my case.

So much has been done to cause delay and to run up my fees so that I would run out of money and be forced to argue my case pro se again.  That is misconduct on Sarah Reist Digby’s part.  I plan to file an official complaint for her many transgressions and I hope many members of the public will join with me in holding her accountable and in sending a message to other corrupt attorneys.

Constitution Day Coming Up

I just reached out to  The Constitution Day is September 17, but will be observed 2 weeks from today, on September 18.

I keep saying that it doesn’t matter what the law says as long as the judges are not enforcing it. Education as to what the Constitution says is great, but people need to also take action to hold the judges and lawyers accountable.

Children don’t need to wait until they are in 8th grade to get their own copy of the Constitution or understand what they can do to “support” it.

Shanya was hard at work again today on her campaign to #BringDilaraHome.


Children Campaigning for Liberty and Justice in America and Tennessee JAM (Judicial Accountability Movement)

This is the post excerpt.

URGENT UPDATE–Tennessee JAM and CCLJA is supporting and participating in the event planned by Francesca Amato-Banfield which is a GLOBAL boycott of virtually EVERYTHING  on the day we are calling GLOBAL CITIZENS ARREST DAY, January 3, 2018.  I am working with some other advocates and activists here in the Nashville, Tennessee area to plan a march downtown, and a public awareness event at Centennial Park  in Nashville.  

This is the first time I have participated in getting something organized on this grand of a scale, but it WILL get some attention and it WILL be an opportunity for affected an threatened families (basically everybody) to speak out.

There will be children participating in this event and we want to keep the tone “firm, but kind” as Mary Poppins would call it.  I am very aware that we need to present a positive attitude towards the public, especially when we invite people to allow their children to participate.

I invite everyone to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas with us, and to participate in the Global Citizens Arrest. 

Update on my situation with my own little girl—I spent 2 delightful hours with her Dec. 11 and have 2 more hours scheduled last week.  I had hoped that our custody modification trial would be finished in October, but it was continued to Feb. 9.  –Lydia A. Hubbell


I am starting this blog for people who are not on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, please “Friend” me (Lydia A. Hubbell) and if you are in Tennessee, join the group “Tennessee JAM (Judicial Accountability Movement) and whether you are in Tennessee or not, join the group “Children of America vs. Family Court Corruption” and “Bring Dilara Home” for information related to my struggle to restore my little girl’s rights.

In April of 2014 I received a call from a lawyer named Sarah Reist. She told me that she had been hired by the father of my little girl, Dilara Gider, who was 5 1/2 years old at the time, to take me to court so that Dilara would no longer be able to spend as much time as possible with me, as she had been for her whole life.  Dilara’s father and I were not married and we had made an agreement that was signed by the judge that gave me 185 days of time with Dilara, and her father had 180 days.  This was very fair and was exactly what the lawmakers feel is best for the children.  Dilara was very happy for the first 5 1/2 years of her life and even though I wished she could have stayed with me every day, I knew her Father was very important to her and I made sure he got to spend as much time with Dilara as he wanted to.

I thought it was very strange that a lawyer would want to take away the time a little girl was able to spend with her mother, and change the schedule Dilara wanted to continue to enjoy.  I told the lawyer that her client had emotional problems and he needed to get help for his mental problems instead of hiring a lawyer to create legal problems.

I was very surprised that when I went to court, that the judges were NOT fair and they did NOT follow the laws or the rules or the promise they made when they took their job. The judges made orders that hurt Dilara very much, and also hurt me and our family and friends.  And they even hurt the lawyer and Dilara’s father because they asked to steal some rights away from innocent people and the judges said it was okay. This has only made them want to steal more rights, and from other people and it is a very bad thing to do and it hurts people.  Our rights and laws are to protect us and to keep us healthy and happy and strong.  Strong people help make our country strong. When lawyers and judges do bad things, it is like it makes our people and our country weak and sick and sad.  This is the opposite of what we need.

One judge even said that I could not have any contact with Dilara for a whole year.  His name is Judge Phillip Robinson, and he is the Third Circuit Court Judge in Nashville, Tennessee.  That was the worst thing anybody has ever done to me or Dilara. I couldn’t believe it. Dilara complained and told people that she needed to see her mom and that she was sad and worried and angry and that she missed her mom, but NOBODY she told would do ANYTHING to help her.  This made her more sad and worried and angry.

For that whole year, between June 2015 and June 2016, I could not call Dilara, send her a letter, or even send her a present because if I did, I  would go to jail.  I could not talk to her, but I did talk to her counselor and other people who were talking to her and that is how I knew how sad and worried and angry she was.  I don’t blame her for being angry, but she was very young and did not know how to manage her feelings. She was mean to people who had not done anything to hurt her and she even hurt people sometimes.  Still, nobody would help her see her mother.

Finally, on June 30, 2016, I got to see and hold and kiss Dilara for the first time. I recorded the first few minutes of our visit and you can watch it on youtube.  I set the camera up before she came…so the first 45 seconds is just waiting that you can skip.

I thought that we would never have to go a long time without seeing each other again, but I was wrong. Today is July 22, 2017 and I have not been allowed to see Dilara since February 25, 2017–five months ago!  I have not been able to give her mail or call her. I will not go to jail if I try to see her, because that order went away after I hired a lawyer.

After the judges started taking Dilara’s time with me away from her, I was surprised to find out that this is very common.  I thought the judges and lawyers would get in trouble if they broke the laws and the rules, but that almost never happens. I have talked to so many parents and also some children who have suffered because the judges do not make sure we have the liberty (or freedom) that we are supposed to have and they don’t make sure that everyone who comes into the courtroom has justice.  Justice is fairness.

It makes me sad that so many children are mistreated. And it also makes me angry that lawyers lie and cheat and the judges don’t treat people fairly.  I decided that I would try to stop them from doing the bad things and make them go back to following the rules so they will not hurt innocent children and the people who love them.

Our laws say that the government is supposed to do what the people want and make sure the people have what they need.  The people need liberty and justice. The Pledge to the Flag says we have “liberty and justice for all.”   But that is not true.  We can make it be true.  Judges sometimes make mistakes, just like any of us can, but the judges who know they are breaking the law and hurting people must be punished.

I know that the children don’t get to go to court and tell the judge what they need and want. Sometimes the children have lawyers, like Dilara does, who tells the judge to do the opposite of what the children want, and this is against the rules and hurts the children.

Dilara’s best friend from when Dilara spent time with me is named Shanya.  Shanya is 9 years old and she has been friends with Dilara for 7 years! Shanya helped give me the idea to bring the children together to speak out and try to get a lot of people to pay attention to them and to make the lawyers and judges do what is right.

Every child has a right to have a relationship with both their mother and father, unless their parents hurt them. I never hurt Dilara, but the judges and lawyers have by keeping me away from her and by letting Dilara’s dad think it is okay for him to be mean to Dilara like this.

I have a lot of ideas and I also know that the children of America have a lot of good ideas and that we have the power to make America a great country again.  People who think that a president can make a country good or bad are mistaken. It is the PEOPLE, young and old, who make a country good or bad.

If you think liberty and justice is for all Americans and not just for people who have money and can hire expensive attorneys to fight for them in court, please join me in my campaign for Liberty and Justice in America.

My email address is and I look forward to hearing from you.  Donations are always needed and appreciated.

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