Action Steps and Ideas Again

Facebook post I didn’t finish, but have to share anyway….maybe I will edit it if I get time. If not, there is plenty to keep you busy….

Okay, here’s more ideas-
1. get a bag of cheap sandwich bags with foldover tops. Put 3 sticks of sidewalk chalk in each one. Put a CCLJA postcard and a Shanya letter in the bag. Tell the kids/parents you hand them out to (walking to and from school, at soccer games, at playgrounds, etc. to help bring Dilara home and write “#BringDilaraHome with the chalk on their driveway or sidewalk or somewhere else, and they can do what they want with the chalk they have left over.
2. Postcards–I have 1,000 from vistaprint I got for about 7 cents each by catching a great discount code, but I want you to get your own postcards if you can….at least for your own county. I am not sharing large quantities with anyone except those in my own county, at least until my “treasury” gets replenished. If you want to donate, mail me a check or use my paypal–(I use paypal to pay Vistaprint, so if you want to donate for specific Vistaprint materials, let me know and put money in my paypal account – and I’ll do the rest, including having them shipped to whoever you want to. It would be AWESOME for Montgomery County JAM to have 1,000 postcards to hand out–there are several active members there who want to #BringAnnaliseRivenburgHome and otherwise promote liberty and justice)
3. Mailbox Covers. Don’t just make your own (I haven’t made mine yet, because God just put the idea into my head a few minutes ago). I am going to start a Pinterest Page for CCLJA, I think. Here’s some ideas…And Magnetic may be nice, but I expect it is expensive. but if you can get some kind of vinyl and paint with acrylics and wrap it and duct tape it on the bottom, it should serve the same purpose. Help me think of a good, cheap material to use. I have a lot of acrylic paint and we can do a mailbox cover at the same time we are having a rock painting party for our “stoning campaign”.
Idea within an idea—ask signmakers for scraps or “mistakes” —tell them it is to save Dilara and other children who are suffering from court-ordered child abuse. Listen, people, I am only ONE person, and I am disabled, so I am more like a third of a person. One reason I am recruiting young people is for their energy and enthusiasm and the fact that it is hard to say “no” to a child. My brother (Dilara’s brother) used to work for a signmaker….maybe he has some ideas or connections. Kids need to be going to businesses and if they don’t have free “trash” we can reuse or recycle
4. Yard signs–any corrugated plastic campaign signs or “expired” (past event) signs may be painted over with kilz an reused, I think–worth trying. Ask signmakers if there are any bent or rejected H-stakes–idea within an idea within an idea–there are concrete reinforcing wire “Ladders” that I used to go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and take my own bolt cutters and cut them down into H-stakes when I was working in real estate. Do put these in yards or in business owner yards with permission—if you put them on public property, they may be picked up. There is a dog boarder near Gower Elementary that would likely be glad to put a sign up….wish I knew one of their customers– go like their facebook page. and share their link on your page for goodwill. Do it now. I just did.
5. Fans. I have 100 fan sticks ($11) and 40 large craft sticks….not sure where I got them. I think Dollar General. NON-COATED paper plates at food lion are practically worthless for eating off of (about as good as a paper towel) but will make good fans. Get paper plates, a stapler, markers (dollar tree washable ones are okay) and write and #BringDilaraHome and #FreeDilaraGider on them and leave plenty of room for the kids to decorate. I haven’t perfected this idea….help me out. maybe pre-make them and use hot glue to attach the sticks and let the kids color them? And let them make as many as they want….it is hot. It is August. Let them pass them out to strangers at the park, even, and preferably, give them a postcard, too. Anyone handing out postcards can put “From (your name)–my name is printed on my postcards as “facilitator” of CCLJA and Tennessee JAM
6. FLAGS– Okay, I am out of time right now. Get me some ideas on flags for you, neighbors, and businesses.
7. Sidewalk chalk—Lisa Dietz wrote with chalk on her wooden privacy fence. Chalk your driveway. Ask neighbors to chalk theirs or let the kids. We are talking about saving children’s lives….it rains every few days here, so we are not talking bout long-term commitment. Also, I bought some “real” Crayola sidewalk chalk paint on clearance at Michael’s. Seems to me the cornstarch, water, food coloring homemade paint we made is just as good. OH—GO TO FIVE BELOW OR DOLLAR TREE AND STOCK UP ON SIDEWALK CHALK! WE MAY END UP HAVING TO MAKE OUR OWN WITH TOILET PAPER AND PAPER TOWEL TUBES AND PLASTER OF PARIS IF WE MISS THE SUMMER MERCHANDISE CLEARANCE! I have been getting $4 buckets from 5 below. If you are a really artistic type—use Crayola—they are more expensive but you get more colors and they have a nice texture, but for just writing hashtags, the cheaper the better.
This is Saturday. Who in or around Nashville can get with me today (it is already 1:30) or tomorrow? We are going to have to take serious action this week. We need to bring Annalise Rivenburg home, too, don’t forget. I am focusing on these 2 cases, but my goal is to help EVERY FAMILY. Help me get Dilara home and get the attention we need for CCLJA and Tennessee JAM and we will become a force to be reckoned with.
Off to my shower. Somebody finish my research into vinyl mailbox covers, flags, and paper plate fans.

Author: cclja

Mother of 3 and Warrior for Justice and advocate for children.

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