Recap of Rally for the Rivenburgs on July 24, 2017

CCLJA hard at work!

Well, I still don’t know exactly what happened in the courtroom yesterday. I think all requests were denied. However, there was no progress made towards the termination of the parental rights of Steffen Rivenburg and Patricia Tornberg.  So, Annalise Rivenburg seems pretty much in the same position she has been in. I think they are still working on replacing the lawyers.  I did hear a lawyer tell Grandma Lisa “Dont’ bring up your rights in the courtroom,” and Lisa told me that he was simply repeating what Judge Wayne Shelton, Juvenile Court Judge, had told her. Lisa was also told to stop filing petitions. Lisa is pro se as of a week or two ago.

Lisa also, threatened with jail for contempt if she didn’t, returned recordings of closed juvenile hearings that she was given in error. I heard Judge Shelton say last week that he felt like the clerk who gave her those recordings should be fired. Don’t know if they were or not, but we know there was a reprimand at least. Last week Judge Shelton said it wasn’t HIS rule, it was the Supreme Court of Tennessee’s rule. I would like to know what rule it is. I would also know how they are supposed to appeal if they don’t have transcripts or recordings. I guess they just have to prepare a statement of evidence and they are at the mercy of opposing counsel as far as getting them to approve it when there is no way to prove the truth of what transpired.

It was a good day. Deziah and her son Tripp (about 18 months old) were there from around 9:15 till around 2, I think. With me.  Tripp helped me sing and play my ukulele as much as an 18 month old can. The more people, even the little ones, the more attention. We didn’t go chalking as I had planned. We didn’t have a big group of kids, as I had hoped. We did do some rock painting at Lisa’s house with Brighton, age 6 and his brother Brayden. Their mom took this picture of Brayden.

I met a new mom to add to our list of Montgomery County Crusaders for Justice. She was alleged to have struck her child’s head, causing a knot.  The mom knew it was a reaction to a mosquito bite and he didn’t have it when he went to school. The doctor even said it was a mosquito bite.  But DCS wants to claim the mom hit the boy in the head.  I think it is funny how they won’t let kids testify in court, but they can put all kinds of heresay allegations into their petitions and prejudice the judge. It just isn’t fair, and I do believe that they question the kids in ways to get the kids to say things that can be used against the parents even if they are misrepresentations or total fabrications. The petition against me was full of nonsense, too, and statements that Dilara was shocked to hear that someone was claiming had come from her.  She also said some true things, not knowing they would be twisted around to be used against us.  I really do think any child old enough to talk should be taught to not talk to strangers without their parents there, or with their parent’s knowledge and approval.

While I was up there, I talked to a reporter at the newspaper.  Kind of got a pretty good understanding of why they haven’t covered the Rivenburg case.  It is too hard to uncover all the facts when each side is contradicting the other. There are only 2 reporters there—understaffed. Don’t have the manpower to do a lot of investigative work into custody decisions. I do think she would cover stories that were more clear-cut. DCS and lawyers like to keep the water muddied up. At least we have met twice and she has been nice.

A police officer, SGT. Hunt drove by and told us to make sure we didn’t get too hot and we were welcomed to hand out at the police station down the block and cool off.

And somebody driving by gave us food. Wasn’t fancy, but it was food and a nice gesture. Celery, corn, a roll, and a chicken tender.

When I was at the newspaper office, there was a flier for a fundraiser where you pay $20 to do chalk art on a square of sidewalk. A special art “fest” coming up in September 9/17/ 2017–I expect to be in Washington D.C. but I can assign the project to someone else.

Videos from 7/14/2017

The July 24 Rally/Court Support for the Rivenburgs/Rock Painting/Chalking

I had a bad migraine tonight I’m still not fully recovered from and I probably shouldn’t have bothered to do a Facebook Live video, but I did.

This is my third court appearance and my 4th trip to Clarksville to support this family. I went up there for Steffen’s funeral. I wish I could do more to support them.

This rock campaign is special to me for a lot of reasons. I remember that when Dilara was going to preschool 2 days a week, she would often come home with rocks in her pockets.  And at some point not long before I was cut out of her life, we were at Home Depot or Lowes and she saw a bag of rocks and thought they were pretty. I told her I wasn’t up to carrying a heavy bag of rocks around that day, but I promised her I would buy her a bag of rocks for her very own at some point. We didn’t get around to it quick enough.

I went to Home Depot to look at Rocks today. The range seems to be $4.50-$12 or so for a big bag, depending on what kind you get. The marble rock has been more satisfactory than I would have though, and they are so cheap.  You do need to wash them–any of them, and let them dry before painting. There are all kinds of videos and pinterest pages about rock painting. I would not get too fancy if you are going to deliver a bag or box of rocks. Kids who create masterpieces might be hesitant to give them up.  Who knows what will be done with them after they are looked at.

One thing I thought of was that this is a group project. It worked really well the other day with Sharo–age 5–painting a basecoat onto the plain white marble rocks. I was thinking that the big cardboard boxes…almost like trays that Sam’s sells limes and grapes or whatnot on would be good to lay the rocks out to dry on..those boxes stack.  Kids can pick the ones they want without having to start totally from scratch with drying time etc. to be concerned with. I also thought today that small stickers can be put on them, or gummed stars or whatever, and some white glue could be brushed over them to make sure they stick well.  And Sharpies work well–I think Sam’s has the best price.

I also thought that for these smaller rocks, an egg carton could be used to sort them out , especially if they needed to dry until they were bagged or boxed up to go where ever…I thought of labeling a section of the egg carton and letting the children chose which rock goes to which person. Shanya wrote a personalized short message on the ones she was sending to the governor and to the judge she met. At this point, I have the rocks sorted into labeled ziplock sandwich bags…I don’t have a whole lot of them at this point. I guess it should be fair enough to let the kids do 2 or 3 rocks to take home if they are decorating or choosing 8 or 9 rocks to send to people.

In my first campaign, I am sending rocks to 8 different places in Nashville.  That is not counting Wayne Shelton. I am going to let the Clarksville folks do that, but I will contribute rocks from the kids in my county. So I will have 9 rocks from each child. I want him to know that the children in Nashville are watching him, too. I will leave a bag of rocks up there for the kids I have participating thus far in the CCLJA.

I AM doing the Board of Responsibility and the Board of Judicial Conduct and DCS Commissioner
Bonnie Hommrich
UBS Tower, 315 Deaderick, 10th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243
(615) 741-9701 and will include the perpetrators of injustice in the Rivenburg case.  in our complaints.

I am sending 2 rocks to DCS from each child. One to bring Annalise home and one to remember Baby Steffen.

I am making things up as I go along, and will make updates. I do plan to make a delivery of rocks this week, but I don’t know if I will have Shanya and Sharo. I may go with some other children. Or I may deliver them myself. I will deliver more later, as I get new participants, and, as I said, if anyone from elsewhere wants to have their voice heard here, I will put their names on  rocks, I would just ask for $1 for supplies and delivery. Here is the video I did (Facebook Live) yesterday.

From the other day when we painted so much.

Children Campaigning for Liberty and Justice in America and Tennessee JAM (Judicial Accountability Movement)

This is the post excerpt.

URGENT UPDATE–Tennessee JAM and CCLJA is supporting and participating in the event planned by Francesca Amato-Banfield which is a GLOBAL boycott of virtually EVERYTHING  on the day we are calling GLOBAL CITIZENS ARREST DAY, January 3, 2018.  I am working with some other advocates and activists here in the Nashville, Tennessee area to plan a march downtown, and a public awareness event at Centennial Park  in Nashville.  

This is the first time I have participated in getting something organized on this grand of a scale, but it WILL get some attention and it WILL be an opportunity for affected an threatened families (basically everybody) to speak out.

There will be children participating in this event and we want to keep the tone “firm, but kind” as Mary Poppins would call it.  I am very aware that we need to present a positive attitude towards the public, especially when we invite people to allow their children to participate.

I invite everyone to share their thoughts, opinions, and ideas with us, and to participate in the Global Citizens Arrest. 

Update on my situation with my own little girl—I spent 2 delightful hours with her Dec. 11 and have 2 more hours scheduled last week.  I had hoped that our custody modification trial would be finished in October, but it was continued to Feb. 9.  –Lydia A. Hubbell


I am starting this blog for people who are not on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, please “Friend” me (Lydia A. Hubbell) and if you are in Tennessee, join the group “Tennessee JAM (Judicial Accountability Movement) and whether you are in Tennessee or not, join the group “Children of America vs. Family Court Corruption” and “Bring Dilara Home” for information related to my struggle to restore my little girl’s rights.

In April of 2014 I received a call from a lawyer named Sarah Reist. She told me that she had been hired by the father of my little girl, Dilara Gider, who was 5 1/2 years old at the time, to take me to court so that Dilara would no longer be able to spend as much time as possible with me, as she had been for her whole life.  Dilara’s father and I were not married and we had made an agreement that was signed by the judge that gave me 185 days of time with Dilara, and her father had 180 days.  This was very fair and was exactly what the lawmakers feel is best for the children.  Dilara was very happy for the first 5 1/2 years of her life and even though I wished she could have stayed with me every day, I knew her Father was very important to her and I made sure he got to spend as much time with Dilara as he wanted to.

I thought it was very strange that a lawyer would want to take away the time a little girl was able to spend with her mother, and change the schedule Dilara wanted to continue to enjoy.  I told the lawyer that her client had emotional problems and he needed to get help for his mental problems instead of hiring a lawyer to create legal problems.

I was very surprised that when I went to court, that the judges were NOT fair and they did NOT follow the laws or the rules or the promise they made when they took their job. The judges made orders that hurt Dilara very much, and also hurt me and our family and friends.  And they even hurt the lawyer and Dilara’s father because they asked to steal some rights away from innocent people and the judges said it was okay. This has only made them want to steal more rights, and from other people and it is a very bad thing to do and it hurts people.  Our rights and laws are to protect us and to keep us healthy and happy and strong.  Strong people help make our country strong. When lawyers and judges do bad things, it is like it makes our people and our country weak and sick and sad.  This is the opposite of what we need.

One judge even said that I could not have any contact with Dilara for a whole year.  His name is Judge Phillip Robinson, and he is the Third Circuit Court Judge in Nashville, Tennessee.  That was the worst thing anybody has ever done to me or Dilara. I couldn’t believe it. Dilara complained and told people that she needed to see her mom and that she was sad and worried and angry and that she missed her mom, but NOBODY she told would do ANYTHING to help her.  This made her more sad and worried and angry.

For that whole year, between June 2015 and June 2016, I could not call Dilara, send her a letter, or even send her a present because if I did, I  would go to jail.  I could not talk to her, but I did talk to her counselor and other people who were talking to her and that is how I knew how sad and worried and angry she was.  I don’t blame her for being angry, but she was very young and did not know how to manage her feelings. She was mean to people who had not done anything to hurt her and she even hurt people sometimes.  Still, nobody would help her see her mother.

Finally, on June 30, 2016, I got to see and hold and kiss Dilara for the first time. I recorded the first few minutes of our visit and you can watch it on youtube.  I set the camera up before she came…so the first 45 seconds is just waiting that you can skip.

I thought that we would never have to go a long time without seeing each other again, but I was wrong. Today is July 22, 2017 and I have not been allowed to see Dilara since February 25, 2017–five months ago!  I have not been able to give her mail or call her. I will not go to jail if I try to see her, because that order went away after I hired a lawyer.

After the judges started taking Dilara’s time with me away from her, I was surprised to find out that this is very common.  I thought the judges and lawyers would get in trouble if they broke the laws and the rules, but that almost never happens. I have talked to so many parents and also some children who have suffered because the judges do not make sure we have the liberty (or freedom) that we are supposed to have and they don’t make sure that everyone who comes into the courtroom has justice.  Justice is fairness.

It makes me sad that so many children are mistreated. And it also makes me angry that lawyers lie and cheat and the judges don’t treat people fairly.  I decided that I would try to stop them from doing the bad things and make them go back to following the rules so they will not hurt innocent children and the people who love them.

Our laws say that the government is supposed to do what the people want and make sure the people have what they need.  The people need liberty and justice. The Pledge to the Flag says we have “liberty and justice for all.”   But that is not true.  We can make it be true.  Judges sometimes make mistakes, just like any of us can, but the judges who know they are breaking the law and hurting people must be punished.

I know that the children don’t get to go to court and tell the judge what they need and want. Sometimes the children have lawyers, like Dilara does, who tells the judge to do the opposite of what the children want, and this is against the rules and hurts the children.

Dilara’s best friend from when Dilara spent time with me is named Shanya.  Shanya is 9 years old and she has been friends with Dilara for 7 years! Shanya helped give me the idea to bring the children together to speak out and try to get a lot of people to pay attention to them and to make the lawyers and judges do what is right.

Every child has a right to have a relationship with both their mother and father, unless their parents hurt them. I never hurt Dilara, but the judges and lawyers have by keeping me away from her and by letting Dilara’s dad think it is okay for him to be mean to Dilara like this.

I have a lot of ideas and I also know that the children of America have a lot of good ideas and that we have the power to make America a great country again.  People who think that a president can make a country good or bad are mistaken. It is the PEOPLE, young and old, who make a country good or bad.

If you think liberty and justice is for all Americans and not just for people who have money and can hire expensive attorneys to fight for them in court, please join me in my campaign for Liberty and Justice in America.

My email address is and I look forward to hearing from you.  Donations are always needed and appreciated.

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