Sixth arrest in 2 years because I refuse to waive my constitutionally-protected rights

This may be the most bizarre allegation yet.

My latest arrest was for writing messages with sidewalk chalk to my daughter and public service announcements about the need to stop family court corruption and to hold judges and lawyers accountable. No way was that any “order of protection violation”

Court Monday. I’ll post a copy of the affidavit that was sworn to for the arrest warrant.

This is only my 6th arrest on bogus charges in the past 2 years I have been fighting for my parenting time and other rights. Neil Shelton had way more, and maybe lot of other parents have, too. Neil Shelton has also been a lot longer away from his kids than me.

The arrest warrant was sworn out Sunday. Monday I did a
“live” video and said I wished they would have me arrested again. Honestly, I don’t know how many it will take before my case gets the attention of the public. I wish I could get Eugene Volokh’s attention. Or the ACLU. This is all about civil liberties. Civil rights inditimation, legal harassment, court-ordered child abuse, judicial corruption.

They can arrest me as many times as they want to between now and when I get Dilara back. After I get to enjoy my parental rights again, I won’t have time for this nonsense.

I was not guilty of ANYTHING I have been arrested for, and my one “guilty” verdict was for “aggravated criminal trespassing” and I was found guilty based on perjured testimony. I got “diversion probation” for that and I could have it expunged, but I want to keep it till this is over/ It costs money to get it expunged.

I spent 3 days and 2 nights in jail this time and for my last arrest because I waited until the public defender could get the “bond fund” for indigent people to bond me out. Last arrest was on a weekend and this arrest was when the bond fund’s money was all tied up. I am glad I got out Thursday night. I dreaded spending the weekend in jail and having to go to court Monday and be locked in a cell with no water other than that in the toilet bowl, like they did us Wednesday. I was supposed to have court Wednesday, but it got continued.

Here is an example of my “chalking”


First Day of School Drama Gower Elementary, Metro Nashville Public Schools

First day of school drama:  see video at
I went to see about Dilara’s bus route. Then I went to her school and stood on the sidewalk in front, holding 2 signs at a time. One said, “Free Dilara Gider” one said, “Children Need Both Parents” and one said, “Tell Your Story to Everyone.” I was standing on the sidewalk by the exit.
I guess I got there about 7:35 or so. School started at 8. After I was there for a while…I didn’t talk to anyone. Liz Goetz, assistant principal walked to me and said, “How are you” and I said, “Fine.” She said, “I just called school security and I’m giving you a ‘heads up’.” I said, “Isn’t this a public sidewalk?” She said, “No.” She said the one on the other side of the road was. She said, “We would prefer that you didn’t do this today.” I don’t think I responded, but I was thinking, “This is the first day back to school for my daughter. I want her to know I was trying to make it special for her.” I don’t know if she rode the bus, or even if she went to school. I do know that she wasn’t excited about going to school.
As soon as she told me the sidewalk was not public property, I left and crossed the street and stood there holding my signs until it started raining. They are not waterproof.
I had my bodycam on, but I am having trouble retrieving the video. I will post it as soon as I can.
I think the other side of the street was just fine. My signs had big lettering.
Part of me wishes I had stood there until the school security came. I would absolutely LOVE to be arrested on the sidewalk (I am not convinced it is school property just because it is attached to the school. Is the sidewalk on the other side of the road private property because it is attached to a homeowner’s property?) in front of kids and parents. I want them to know that there are people in Nashville willing to take a stand for family integrity and the Constitution. I want them to know that it is NOT okay with me that I have been cut out of Dilara’s life.
I am going to give a call…I have signed up to volunteer for them—I want to get their input. I think it was Darren I talked to earlier when I was planning to appeal to the Supreme Court Of Tennessee (SCOT) over the horrible Court of Appeals decision in my case that is way beyond the pale as far as the disregard shown for parental rights, that are supposed to be fundamental liberties in Tennessee based on Hawk v. Hawk 1993 and other decisions. Every parent in Tennessee should read Hawk v. Hawk. It is beautiful. Full of stuff to cite.
Oh, yeah. The reason why judges and lawyers tell you to NOT bring up your constitutionally-protected rights in the courtroom is because if you don’t bring them up there, you cannot bring them up on appeal. Lisa Dietz Sherry and Ron Palmer made that clear to me long ago and if I had not brought my rights up, I wouldn’t have gotten ANYTHING from the Court of Appeals. Gider v. Hubbell 2017

Email I just sent to–legal counsel for Metro Nashville Public, and a lot of others…..including my lawyer, Connie Reguli. I don’t want her to get involved, I just want her to know what it is going on. I will share her (Corey Harkey’s)  reply, and in the meantime, I am going to do my own research on whether a sidewalk is NOT public property for anybody to walk on if it attaches to school property.

Text of email:

I was hoping my daughter would see me show up to support her on her first day of school. I stood on the sidewalk by the exit driveway holding signs I hoped would help Dilara see, and to also let the other parents and children know I was there supporting Dilara Gider.

I was surprised when Ms. Goetz came to me and said she had notified school security. I asked if the sidewalk wasn’t public property and she said it was not, but the sidewalk on the other side of Old Hickory Blvd. was. I am asking that you provide verification that the sidewalk adjoining the school is school property and not public property. If you do not provide verification, I will assume that it is within my rights to stand or walk on the sidewalk in front of the school. I am copying several people on this so everybody knows what I said and what I am asking.

Ms. Goetz also said she would rather I did not “do that” today. I just want everyone to know I wish I didn’t have to. All I wanted was to have lunch with my daughter once a week or so and you banned me from campus when Dilara was there even though there was no order telling you to do so. Dilara’s emotional state and behavior became very troubling after I was cut out of Dilara’s life by her father’s abusive misuse of the legal process and you took his side against Dilara. I am going to do everything I can to show Dilara and everyone in the community that I love my daughter and I love liberty and justice and I am MORE than willing to go to jail for it, if that is what it takes to get other parents to wake up and see what little support the government shows for the Constituiton and the best interest of children.

Please send me evidence that the sidewalk between Gower Elementary and Old Hickory Blvd. is not public property.

Lydia A Hubbell, Facilitator
Tennessee JAM (Judicial Accountability Movement)
Children Campaigning for Liberty and Justice in America


My Days of Supervised Visitation Since 6/15/2015

This calendar does not show that I had lunch at school (30 minutes) with Dilara on August 30, 2016, when I had completed the 2 “successful” months of supervised visits after having no contact at all with Dilara, and should have been able to enjoy my non-custodial parental rights and 8 hours a week of unsupervised parenting time, but that was not to be. I had no contact between June 15, 2015 and June 30, 2016. I have had no contact since Feb. 25, 2017 and I don’t expect to be allowed to by the other parent until late October.  Each circled date shows a supervised visit, typically for 2 hours.

Sarah Reist Digby will be explaining in our trial this coming October why Judge Sheila Calloway should not be holding her client in contempt for refusing, flat out, to schedule with the visitation supervisor so I could exercise part of my court-ordered parenting time.

So, for 20 out of 28 months, I expect to not be provided the opportunity for any meaningful contact with my little girl, despite me NEVER having presented any threat to her health or safety or welfare and despite the fact that an abundance of evidence shows that she is suffering because of being cut off from me.

My lawyer had me prepare this calendar to give a “visual” of how little time I have been allowed to be with Dilara, even under supervision.


The Latest Attack on Dilara (age 8 1/2) and Family

This is what I shared on Facebook tonight about my daughter, Dilara:

Please share this worldwide, and let me know who sees it and from which state or country. Comment. I sent this to my lawyer (Connie Reguli), opposing counsel (Sarah Reist Digby), the GAL (Sharlina Pye-Mack), the counselor (Dr. Janie Berryman), the school principal (Barbara Frasier, Gower Elementary), legal counsel for the school (Corey Harkey-who has interfered in my contact with Dilara under pressure from opposing counsel and the GAL), my State Representive Sherry Jones, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam.
All I needed to happen today was for Dilara to get to go bowling with her uncle. That’s all. Too much to ask, apparently.
So, everyone who was at the first custody modification trial knows that my brother, Tod Missick, enjoyed a close and continuing relationship with Dilara, and saw her consistently on a regular basis for her whole life until Dilara was cut out of MY life through Sarah Reist Digby and her client’s abusive misuse of the legal system.
If anybody in the universe thinks I did something to deserve this this kind of treatment by the court system, please let me know so I can fill in the gaps in your information so you will see that NOTHING I did ever harmed Dilara in any way, and harm to the child is the ONLY thing that would have justified the restrictions put on my parental rights. I didn’t have an attorney when Dilara was first cut out of my life. I have one now.
In a half-hearted attempt to comply with a non-existent order of protection which was meant to include and impermissible prior restraint on my constitutionally-protected speech, I am redacting the name of Sarah Reist Digby’s client.
The text of my email:
Everybody also knows that X never valued Dilara’s relationship with her brother, Noah Hubbell, and in fact ordered me to not allow them to play together (under my supervision) when they were young, that he consulted an attorney to try to figure out how to stop me from letting Dilara interact with her brother, and that he threatened to kill both me and Dilara when I said that I had no intention of interfering in the brother-sister relationship. Sarah knows it, Sharlina (Dilara’s GAL) knows it, and Dr. Berryman all know it. X never denied telling me that if I didn’t want to have to worry about him killing me, all I had to do was just DO WHAT HE TOLD ME TO DO. As I said, X never denied it, and I made a police report at the time and declined to get an order of protection because I didn’t think there was an imminent threat of harm since X only said he would kill us or have someone else kill us IF Noah HURT Dilara, and that had never happened and I did not expect it to happen (and it never did, although I did let them continue to play together), and because I did not want to interfere with Dilara and X’s contact with each other and their X-daughter relationship.
NOBODY showed the LEAST bit of concern (Judge Calloway, Judge Phillip Robinson, Dilara’s Guardian ad Litem, CASA, or Dr. Berryman) that X tried to restrict Dilara’s contact with her own family during MY PARENTING TIME, or that he threatened to kill an 11 year old boy. Nobody showed the LEAST BIT OF CONCERN that X cut me 100 percent out of Dilara’s life when she was 6 1/2 years old, or that he perpetrated a fraud upon the court to do so. Nobody, including the faculty at her school, has shown the LEAST BIT OF CONCERN that X’s attitude and actions against me have had a negative impact upon Dilara. I do thank Barbara Frasier, the principal, for mentioning to X that Dilara needs to see me. X’s response to Ms. Frasier showed that he is trying to say that it is the JUDGE who is keeping Dilara from seeing me, and not HIM. The judge never would have interfered in Dilara’s happy, stable, rewarding life if X had not spent thousands of dollars asking the judges to do everything they could to cut me 100 percent out of her life. Sharlina (GAL) and Sarah (opposing counsel) claim they want Dilara to be able to see me, but there is a voluminous record of evidence that proves otherwise and I am hoping to eventually put every bit of it online for all to see what lying and cheating goes on, to the detriment of innocent children and parents.
I can’t believe X wouldn’t let Dilara meet her uncle today for a couple of games of bowling. Tod doesn’t like X anymore than X likes him, but Tod has NEVER done or said anything to hurt X in any way, NOR has Tod ever said or done anything with Dilara to interfere in X’s relationship with Dilara. Family relationships are important and to allow X to sever all but one is against Dilara’s best interest. Dilara may have to endure three more months of this court-ordered abuse and neglect, but I want it to be on the record and in the public eye what X and his lawyers and the judges have gotten away with for years as they have watched my child suffer and beg to be able to come home to her mom. This is absolutely disgraceful. This sickest part of this is that court-ordered child abuse and neglect is so common. The system-induced trauma that Dilara is suffering is not an anomaly.
I am attaching the copy of the reply Dilara made to Shanya and friends who had written to Dilara and I shared their messages with Dilara on my last visit with her in February. The kids told me to just show their letters and not to send them home with Dilara because they were afraid X would get mad and throw them away because he is so mean to Dilara. A man who would keep a child away from her loving mother like X has is quickly identified as “mean” by children who can imagine themselves in Dilara’s place. I am also attaching Shanya’s letter asking for relief for Dilara. The pictures and letters the friends made for Dilara are copied in 2 “albums” under “photos” on my facebook page ( Lydia A Hubbell) for anyone to see.
Lydia A Hubbell, Facilitator
Tennessee JAM (Judicial Accountability Movement)
Children Campaigning for Liberty and Justice in America
Remember that abuse thrives only in silence. Remember that your silence is perceived to express your consent. Sarah Reist Digby and Sharlina Pye-Mack are very quick to complain about me and my efforts to have my parental rights restored so that Dilara’s needs will once again be well-met. Her is contact information if you, too, want to express your outrage at not only the injustice in my case, but all court-ordered child abuse and neglect and malicious abuse of process.
Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam (615) 741-2001, EMAIL:
Representative Sherry Jones (615) 741-2035, EMAIL:
Senator Jeff Yarbro (615) 741- 3291, EMAIL:
Opposing Counsel, Sarah Reist Digby, (615) 997-3741
Dilara’s worthless GAL, Sharlina Pye-Mack,

YOU can help #BringDilaraHome #FreeDilaraGider and stop court-ordered child abuse and neglect. You don’t have to be an adult to make a phone call.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Until these abusive practices are condemned, they will continue. Speak out!


About Signs and Posters

(This is what I posted as a Facebook “Note” yesterday)

I forgot what I wanted to go to the thrift store on Friday for 1/2 price day for students and educators. Just remembered. I have several foam board signs that I have actually put a good bit of work into. I am putting colorful duct tape or clear packaging tape around the edges to keep the layers from separating and making them look “frayed).

The foam board is $1 a sheet from Dollar Tree and I have found that they are pretty fragile. They blow away easily and probably bend and break easily if you aren’t careful. They are not waterproof (our first Rivenburg rally was in the rain) and the paper will peel off when it gets wet.  As you can see in the picture from the Rivenburg rally July 24, I used my clip-on tuner for my ukulele to clip the board to my tote bag that I had brought a big towel and some toys for Tripp to play with in. Worked well. It was a pleasant, slightly breezy day. I don’t think it would have held the foam board if it was really windy, though.
So, if you don’t have enough sign holders/sign flippers, figure out how to hold the signs where they can get seen. This is especially important when we are having events where only one or two people show up. Who can figure out a good way to attach a sign to a stroller? I have 2 collapsible music stands that I thought I might be able to use to support a larger banner. .I also have 2 guitar stands (Ukulele) When we were at the Montgomery County Courthouse on June 5, Terri LaPoint said we could not lean the posters against the exterior wall.
I also have fiberglass fenceposts (for electric fence) I got from TSC and Dollar Tree has had fiberglass posts with reflectors on them  (I think they are driveway markers) and we should be able to stick them into the ground and figure out how to use them to help support signs and banners. The posts/stakes are 4 feet long, I think, and the ones from TSC weren’t a whole lot more expensive than the ones at Dollar tree.
I am still interested in the “Riverfest” event in Clarksville September 8-9, but it may be too late in the game to participate. There needs to be a non-profit applying to get the free vendor space and there needs to be volunteers and activities. Can those of you in Clarksville check it out? Or see photos of previous events? Angy Linder does have a non-profit. We just have to find more ways to get the word out about our movement and protecting families.

Does anyone have a canopy thing for shade when we have events? I can’t tolerate the sun for more than a few minutes.
Okay, so back to what I wanted to go to the thriftstore for…I need something to carry my posters/signs in. A very large trashbag works, but I was thinking of making a big bag from a sheet or blanket or something. Or a vinyl tablecloth and duct-tape. I need a strap for it….I put straps on everything so I can carry them over my shoulder. I guess if you are carrying something light, a duct-tape strap works fine. It is important to know that if you leave a poster/sign in your car, it will fade. I had to go over the lettering again on a sign I left in the sun in my car for a few days. I used “permanent” marker, but it still faded significantly.


Gina Barkema: I think signs could be attached to strollers. How about putting a hole near each corner, then on the bottom corners, you could use pipe cleaners through the holes, then twist them around the handles of the stroller. Stiff wire could hold the sign up if you can bend it through the top holes and attach top and bottom to each other. You could even use sticks if you used more pipe cleaners to hold them up to the top area, just cut a notch in the stick for the pipe cleaner to grab into. I can see this in my mind, but am not sure if it is coming out in a logical way. Does that make sense? Or you could just make a frame out of sticks, like a stand, and use the pipe cleaners to thread the sign on, then attach the bottom of the stand to the stroller handles with wire or more cleaners.
Sticks are kinda my go to for everything. They’re free and very useful!

Lydia A. Hubbell:  Maybe if there is a slit in each corner, you could make a fastener out of velcro, but a little more work, maybe…, wait, they sell velcro that sticks to itself…I have bought it in a roll to use to tie plants to stakes and I have bought them already made and have used them to wrap around cords when I bundle them up to store. Those would be perfect.


Ideas for Awareness–Million Parent March, Washington D.C.

(I posted this on Facebook and wanted to make a blog post. It was written in a hurry, but some ideas I didn’t want to forget.)

I posted this as a comment elsewhere, but it was too much effort to not make it a separate post. Of course, not everybody can go to the Million Parent March next month, but we can draw attention to it and to the “cause”.
Share the info about the march with as many people as possible between now and then.…/128…/permalink/1629957123734040/…
Please share all your ideas of how people can “participate in the march” but in their own towns. I have no doubt that we can get a million participants over the 4 days (it is 4 days, right?) if you include parents and children, affected and unaffected, taking part in som event or activity, if all they do is watch a replay of the live videos and share with others that they watched it. Sending a letter to their legislators, governor, mayor, judges—or even a postcard to let THEM know of the event. Just bringing awareness is a way to be involved. Somebody might should order some vistaprint postcards with and for a modest fee, stamp and address them and mail them to interested parties so that all they have to do is stick them in their own mailbox and raise the flag the week before the March. Some people are really lazy or busy and the easier you make it on them, the better. Connie Reguli did a couple of mailings, but hers was simpler because they were duplicate letters, all mailed to the same address, but from different states. I just ordered a bunch of vistaprint postcards for my own recruiting campaign for people to join the movement in my state. They ended up being about 7 cents a piece. If it is too late to do this this year, we can try it next year. By next year, we need to have people in every county in every state to be a point-of-contact and a facilitator. I am in middle Tennessee and I am trying to get people organized. There are so many ways people in different “groups” can still work together for liberty and justice for all. It has been very hard for me and others to get people to show up for events, yet I see plenty of people showing up for concerts (Bonnaroo, for example), football games (Vanderbilt and Titans), hockey games, etc, but nobody is available to show up for children and families? A huge crowd gathered when Trump was in town, but we can’t count on Trump. Oftentimes when I plan an event, I am the only one, or maybe one or 2 other people show up. When Connie Reguli had her event at her office in January, I guess there were 10 or 15 people and that seemed like a huge crowd to me.
Here are some other ideas.
1. get some chalk paint markers or the markers for glass and write on your car windows and leave messages on them (not obstructing your vision) for the duration…maybe a few days ahead write on it “Sept 17-20 million parent march” and hashtags #EqualParenting, etc.
2. You can also write with markers on the windows of your house, or on sidewalk chalk on your driveway or put up a sign in your yard—like a campaign sign. I think Home Depot and Lowe’s sell blank corrugated plastic and H-stakes.
3. Mail letters or postcards as I mentioned above (Connie Reguli says to keep a stack of postcards handy)
4. Make phonecalls to officials
5. Write a Letter to the Editor to be published in your local paper or people in Davidson County, TN can complain in the “Ticked Off” column of the free community paper,
6. Wear a Million Parent March T-shirt or button (may have to do this for next year or I think you can make your own—here is one no minimum place that will make one for you…
7. Rent a meeting space and play the replay of the facebook live for a group.
8. Go to the playgrounds and distribute literature to let others know.
9. Donate money so that people like me who want to go and can’t afford it, can be there. Maybe you can say “sponsoring so-and-so’s trip since you can’t be therein person or the person you are sponsoring can put your name on their T-shirt or button while they are in Washington so you can get a 2 for 1.
10. Ask your church or business owner if you can chalk up their parking lot (or make cornstarch/water/food coloring “sidewalk chalk paint”) for the 4 days— and also ask your business owner friends if you can either mark up their window or put a poster on display for the 4 days and include where people can go for more information–website or facebook group. If you can get people to march or rally at the public square or something to call attention to the Washington D.C. Event, that would be fantastic. If not, do what you can as an “army of one”. And try to get there next year….I do hope there will be another one next year. I don’t think the problems will all be solved or even that we will get all the attention and support from the public that we need between now and next year. But it’s progress. I will be so glad when children are free to enjoy close, loving relationships with both parents and neither parent feels like they are being treated unfairly or have had obstacles put between them and their children. It so important that as many people as possible be at Washington D.C. LIVE AND IN PERSON FOR ALL 4 DAYS.

Back To School #FreeDilaraGider

“Mother and Child Reunion” song and thoughts one of my recent youtube videos about my story.

My 8 year old daughter has suffered far too much for far too long and it is obvious that it will take an outcry from the community to have her freedom restored. Nobody should underestimate the damage that is caused to a child when one parent deliberately cuts the other parent (especially when the other parent has always been the primary caregiver and attachment figure) out of the child’s life.

What the general public needs to know is that I have been lied about and so has Dilara. And the legal system cannot be relied upon to protect parental rights or children’s rights.  There have been very aggressive efforts on the part of attorney Sarah Reist-Digby and her client to bind and gag me (with the threat of incarceration, although I was acquitted at trial) so that the truth is not exposed about what has been done to Dilara in the past 3 years. My daughter is a victim of child abuse and neglect that would never have occurred if not for the corruption in the legal system.  Corruption that has grown and flourished because too many people either were not paying attention (like me), or else didn’t care.

I have nothing to hide and I would be MORE than happy to answer anyone’s questions about what happened in my case. I have not posted everything yet….I have banker’s boxes full of legal stuff. But I have posted my Brief of the Appellant which summarized the events related to our first custody trial, and I have posted things related to the new custody modification trial. Brief is here statement of evidence from the trial is here appendix to my brief–including the custody order which is now in effect is here

I have presented proof that the adversaries are lying and misleading the court. For example, if you read my answer to their motion so suspend my visitation (same false allegations are made in the petition that is being heard in October) You can PLAINLY see that Sarah Reist-Digby is NOT supporting the best interests of the child, nor is she supporting the Constitution and promoting justice and the public good. We should require that lawyers who engage in such damaging behavior be sanctioned.  First, people have to know about it. “Bring Dilara Home”

I have high hopes of finding several, if not many, adults and children in the MNPS (Metro Nashville Public Schools) system who are interested in stepping up and speaking out for Dilara.

Dilara’s teacher last year, and others, have said that Dilara didn’t really have friends at school and that the other children are afraid of her.  She has been very volatile since I was cut out of her life a couple of years ago.  She has every right to be angry (I think it is actually grief she is suffering, but it is manifested as anger), but I am committed to non-violence, and I want her to be as well.

When I have had opportunity in the past year, I have urged her to be patient and to not hurt anybody and to not disrupt learning time or teaching time when she has been at school. She has spent a lot of time in the office and was suspended 10 days last year for behavior (second grade).

If you believe, as I did, that perjury is punished and justice prevails in the courts and that the needs of the child are paramount and the desires of the parents are secondary, I am here to tell you that you are believing a lie. The famous Sherlock Holmes quote comes to mind, “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”  The truth is that children who have been dragged to court by either one or both parents, or else by DCS, are treated as merchandise, or slaves. I never would have believed my story it if I had not lived it myself.  I am hoping to reach others, adults and children alike, and encourage them to stand up and speak out against this great evil in the same way as they would speak out against child sex trafficking.

How does anyone know that family court corruption isn’t as damaging to society as child sex trafficking?  In fact, I see it as a different kind of “slavery” and “domestic terrorism” and it should be brought to an end immediately and with such a public uproar that we will never again see such corruption and court-inflicted child abuse in our lifetimes. And it is up to us to teach our children to teach their children that ,”The price of liberty is eternal diligence.”

Help me Free Dilara Gider so she can fight beside me for truth, liberty, and justice for all.




On Being Lashed Out At…

Last night I had my first experience being attacked by another activist– someone I have been supporting. Wow. Kind of disconcerting. What am I learning? A lot. First of all, I knew this guy was breaking under the pressure of injustices done to him and his kids when I was introduced to him about 4 weeks ago. He was attacking and pushing away friends. Very unstable. Not unstable in a dangerous way. Not unstable in a way that seemed likely to present a threat of harm to his kids, his ex, or anyone else. Maybe himself, but I couldn’t tell for sure.
I asked around to some other activists he had lashed out at. Nobody considered him to be any kind of threat. Some people said they had tried to help him, but it didn’t go well for them. One person said “nobody takes him seriously” and she was trying to deal with his attacks on her. I was, and continue to be, a little confused about what his problems are and how I can best support him. I have paid very close attention to him, his comments and behavior, the comments of others about him. Some people were really nasty to him and, I think, crossed the line.
I still believe he has a good heart. He has tremendous potential. He is someone who has set a good example for others in many ways. He is devoted to his kids. He deserves to exercise his parental rights in a way equal to the mother of his children. I have had MANY PEOPLE share these sentiments with me.  But there is work he has to do to get to that point.
I think I have always wanted to be the best “me” I can be. My son as a teenager pointed out that my personal library of hundreds of books has a disproportionate number of books related to the Bible and “self-help”. I know my flaws and weaknesses very well. A close friend said about me in court (testifying under oath) that I took criticism better than anyone she knew. I truly welcome “unsolicited advice.” I consider very carefully viewpoints other than my own. I strive to be respectful of other people’s opinions even when they are very different from my own.
It kind of surprises me when other people are offended when people point out something “wrong” with them. I welcome it. I would rather somebody tell me I’m walking around showing my butt (as I did–literally–when I was in church with several holes in the back of my patchwork skirt that had unbeknownst to me started coming apart at several seams between patches) and give me a chance to make corrections than to just ignore it and make a lot of people around me uncomfortable. I was so glad that the person behind me told me I had “a hole” in the back of my skirt (it turned out to be several, but she apparently only noticed the biggest one) and I went to the church office and stapled the open seams back together so I could stay in the church building.
I am a Christian and I believe in treating others the way I would like to be treated. And if I find out there is a different way they want to be treated, I try to respect that if it doesn’t hurt anyone or anything. If I do something that reinforces someone’s hurtful or self-destructive behavior—including ignoring them when I feel led to confront them–I believe it is wrong, and sin.
Most of us who have been dragged through family court and raped of our fundamental liberties, our children, our peace, our security, our hope, and so many other things are damaged by the process. We are weakened, sickened, broken, scarred. What else would you expect when the Constitution is ignored by those who are sworn to uphold it and promote justice and the public good?
I know I can be unintentionally annoying and even offensive.  My mother called me “inquisitive” but most people just call me “nosey.”  I know my interest in people’s lives is a good thing. I am never offended when someone tells me I’m “nosey” or “prying.” I have a right to ask, and everyone has a right to not answer.  And people have every right to try to avoid people they find annoying. I tell my kids to avoid people who don’t enjoy their company.  Never try to convince someone that they should like you when it is obvious that there is a personality conflict. There are plenty of people in my life who appreciate me and enjoy my company.  My self-worth is not determined by another person’s opinion. And I do try to not stay where I am not welcomed.
If I offend, annoy, or otherwise do or way what someone thinks is not “appropriate”, I appreciate it when people let me know so I can decide how to respond. Maybe I’ll decide that for some reason I think “showing my butt” in that particular situation isn’t such a bad thing, and I will chose to not make modifications in my attitude or behavior at that time. I think other people do that, too.
We all need to understand that there is no “right” to not be offended or to use the legal system to deprive people of rights we don’t think others are “properly” or “appropriately” exercising, in our opinion.
Diversity and tolerance are good things. And so is justice. We need to promote truth, justice and liberty because we, as human beings are created by a God of justice and he created in us a need for justice and he gives us free will. No matter what the chaos going on around us, we always can chose how to respond. We can’t have liberty without justice and we can’t have justice without truth. Our courts are destroying families by allowing, enabling and rewarding lies, and injustice and deprivation of fundamental liberties without due process.
People have to make their own decisions how to respond, but I firmly believe that the adversarial system of “rendering evil for evil” simply promotes more chaos and damage. Because I am so happy to receive unsolicited advice, I am quick to give it. I am a mother and a teacher and a survivor. I seek to share with those in need what little knowledge and hard-earned wisdom I possess. If I don’t have a possible answer I’ll try to help you find one. There is more than one way to skin a cat and what works for me may not work for you.
I try to tell people that I like to tell people what to do because I am trying to be helpful. I am well aware that my advice may be off target, but if it is, I am sure that the hearer will know better than me and I won’t be offended if my advice is rejected.
I firmly believe that people need to control their own lives and make their own (hopefully well-informed) decisions. I do not want to carry the responsibility of making someone else’s decisions for them and causing them to suffer negative consequences if my advice ends up being poor advice.
Please try to be kind and patient with me and with others. I really do believe that most people mean well. And I believe that when they “know better” they will “do better” and we have an obligation to share our experience and knowledge and wisdom, especially if we can see that it may relieve or prevent suffering.
Please also be willing to admit that you may be wrong or might have contributed to your own hardships. “If you mess up, ‘fess up” and try to make things right. Be forgiving and seek to be forgiven. In family court, that is a contrarian approach and one that gives you a chance of a peaceful and fair outcome.
People will always do better when they settle their differences out of court. Look for ways to compromise to balance things out so that they are fair to all involved. Set a good example for your kids even when it requires some sacrifice. When parents try to slug it out in court, they forget sometimes that their children are in the middle and feel the blows.


Recap of Rally for the Rivenburgs on July 24, 2017

CCLJA hard at work!

Well, I still don’t know exactly what happened in the courtroom yesterday. I think all requests were denied. However, there was no progress made towards the termination of the parental rights of Steffen Rivenburg and Patricia Tornberg.  So, Annalise Rivenburg seems pretty much in the same position she has been in. I think they are still working on replacing the lawyers.  I did hear a lawyer tell Grandma Lisa “Dont’ bring up your rights in the courtroom,” and Lisa told me that he was simply repeating what Judge Wayne Shelton, Juvenile Court Judge, had told her. Lisa was also told to stop filing petitions. Lisa is pro se as of a week or two ago.

Lisa also, threatened with jail for contempt if she didn’t, returned recordings of closed juvenile hearings that she was given in error. I heard Judge Shelton say last week that he felt like the clerk who gave her those recordings should be fired. Don’t know if they were or not, but we know there was a reprimand at least. Last week Judge Shelton said it wasn’t HIS rule, it was the Supreme Court of Tennessee’s rule. I would like to know what rule it is. I would also know how they are supposed to appeal if they don’t have transcripts or recordings. I guess they just have to prepare a statement of evidence and they are at the mercy of opposing counsel as far as getting them to approve it when there is no way to prove the truth of what transpired.

It was a good day. Deziah and her son Tripp (about 18 months old) were there from around 9:15 till around 2, I think. With me.  Tripp helped me sing and play my ukulele as much as an 18 month old can. The more people, even the little ones, the more attention. We didn’t go chalking as I had planned. We didn’t have a big group of kids, as I had hoped. We did do some rock painting at Lisa’s house with Brighton, age 6 and his brother Brayden. Their mom took this picture of Brayden.

I met a new mom to add to our list of Montgomery County Crusaders for Justice. She was alleged to have struck her child’s head, causing a knot.  The mom knew it was a reaction to a mosquito bite and he didn’t have it when he went to school. The doctor even said it was a mosquito bite.  But DCS wants to claim the mom hit the boy in the head.  I think it is funny how they won’t let kids testify in court, but they can put all kinds of heresay allegations into their petitions and prejudice the judge. It just isn’t fair, and I do believe that they question the kids in ways to get the kids to say things that can be used against the parents even if they are misrepresentations or total fabrications. The petition against me was full of nonsense, too, and statements that Dilara was shocked to hear that someone was claiming had come from her.  She also said some true things, not knowing they would be twisted around to be used against us.  I really do think any child old enough to talk should be taught to not talk to strangers without their parents there, or with their parent’s knowledge and approval.

While I was up there, I talked to a reporter at the newspaper.  Kind of got a pretty good understanding of why they haven’t covered the Rivenburg case.  It is too hard to uncover all the facts when each side is contradicting the other. There are only 2 reporters there—understaffed. Don’t have the manpower to do a lot of investigative work into custody decisions. I do think she would cover stories that were more clear-cut. DCS and lawyers like to keep the water muddied up. At least we have met twice and she has been nice.

A police officer, SGT. Hunt drove by and told us to make sure we didn’t get too hot and we were welcomed to hand out at the police station down the block and cool off.

And somebody driving by gave us food. Wasn’t fancy, but it was food and a nice gesture. Celery, corn, a roll, and a chicken tender.

When I was at the newspaper office, there was a flier for a fundraiser where you pay $20 to do chalk art on a square of sidewalk. A special art “fest” coming up in September 9/17/ 2017–I expect to be in Washington D.C. but I can assign the project to someone else.

Videos from 7/14/2017

The July 24 Rally/Court Support for the Rivenburgs/Rock Painting/Chalking

I had a bad migraine tonight I’m still not fully recovered from and I probably shouldn’t have bothered to do a Facebook Live video, but I did.

This is my third court appearance and my 4th trip to Clarksville to support this family. I went up there for Steffen’s funeral. I wish I could do more to support them.

This rock campaign is special to me for a lot of reasons. I remember that when Dilara was going to preschool 2 days a week, she would often come home with rocks in her pockets.  And at some point not long before I was cut out of her life, we were at Home Depot or Lowes and she saw a bag of rocks and thought they were pretty. I told her I wasn’t up to carrying a heavy bag of rocks around that day, but I promised her I would buy her a bag of rocks for her very own at some point. We didn’t get around to it quick enough.

I went to Home Depot to look at Rocks today. The range seems to be $4.50-$12 or so for a big bag, depending on what kind you get. The marble rock has been more satisfactory than I would have though, and they are so cheap.  You do need to wash them–any of them, and let them dry before painting. There are all kinds of videos and pinterest pages about rock painting. I would not get too fancy if you are going to deliver a bag or box of rocks. Kids who create masterpieces might be hesitant to give them up.  Who knows what will be done with them after they are looked at.

One thing I thought of was that this is a group project. It worked really well the other day with Sharo–age 5–painting a basecoat onto the plain white marble rocks. I was thinking that the big cardboard boxes…almost like trays that Sam’s sells limes and grapes or whatnot on would be good to lay the rocks out to dry on..those boxes stack.  Kids can pick the ones they want without having to start totally from scratch with drying time etc. to be concerned with. I also thought today that small stickers can be put on them, or gummed stars or whatever, and some white glue could be brushed over them to make sure they stick well.  And Sharpies work well–I think Sam’s has the best price.

I also thought that for these smaller rocks, an egg carton could be used to sort them out , especially if they needed to dry until they were bagged or boxed up to go where ever…I thought of labeling a section of the egg carton and letting the children chose which rock goes to which person. Shanya wrote a personalized short message on the ones she was sending to the governor and to the judge she met. At this point, I have the rocks sorted into labeled ziplock sandwich bags…I don’t have a whole lot of them at this point. I guess it should be fair enough to let the kids do 2 or 3 rocks to take home if they are decorating or choosing 8 or 9 rocks to send to people.

In my first campaign, I am sending rocks to 8 different places in Nashville.  That is not counting Wayne Shelton. I am going to let the Clarksville folks do that, but I will contribute rocks from the kids in my county. So I will have 9 rocks from each child. I want him to know that the children in Nashville are watching him, too. I will leave a bag of rocks up there for the kids I have participating thus far in the CCLJA.

I AM doing the Board of Responsibility and the Board of Judicial Conduct and DCS Commissioner
Bonnie Hommrich
UBS Tower, 315 Deaderick, 10th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243
(615) 741-9701 and will include the perpetrators of injustice in the Rivenburg case.  in our complaints.

I am sending 2 rocks to DCS from each child. One to bring Annalise home and one to remember Baby Steffen.

I am making things up as I go along, and will make updates. I do plan to make a delivery of rocks this week, but I don’t know if I will have Shanya and Sharo. I may go with some other children. Or I may deliver them myself. I will deliver more later, as I get new participants, and, as I said, if anyone from elsewhere wants to have their voice heard here, I will put their names on  rocks, I would just ask for $1 for supplies and delivery. Here is the video I did (Facebook Live) yesterday.

From the other day when we painted so much.