Fan-making to Help Bring Dilara Home

Well, we have made dozens of fans this week. I had hoped for hundreds, but we did what we could and we aren’t stopping. We passed out fans at church Sunday and at the Eclipse Viewing Party at the Edmondson Pike Library.  I am making new ones to pass out at the football games at Vanderbilt University and the Titans games.  I hope I can have a child with me with a bucket for donations and materials to distribute in addition to the fans.

Donations can be made to my paypal account:  and I have a gofund me at to help the children in the work to bring Dilara home, and to help bring Annalise Rivenburg home, and to help other children enjoy the liberty and justice our Constitution is supposed to be protecting.

Author: cclja

Mother of 3 and Warrior for Justice and advocate for children.

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