Straight From CCLJA Headquarters, President Shanya and Our Latest Projects

I have some good video….didn’t mean to do it in three parts, I kept hitting the “stop” button!  Enjoy!

Shanya, Dilara Gider’s best friend (age 9) is a fearless Warrior for Justice.  Don’t let her age or size fool you ….she is a formidable opponent to those on the wrong side of the law. She told me she wants to be a police officer.  She wants to help people. Most of all, she wants to help get her best friend back into her life.  She is a hard worker, very intelligent, and very passionate. Just like Dilara.

I kept hitting the “stop” button on my tablet, so this video session is in three parts. We show several projects we are working on that, if you are on Facebook, you can find in “photos” then “albums” several “Guerrilla Warrior for Justice” Weapons/Strategies. Some are featured in this video series.

Shanya also addresses the concern that a few people have expressed about children being involved in “adult” issues. She didn’t understand what the concern was about. I didn’t either, but if you can find a child who does understand what the concern is about, I want to hear from them. This is a volunteer movement….we don’t force anyone to do anything. Liberty and Justice for all.  She doesn’t see her work as having anything to do with either parent.  It is a “rescue mission” for children and she is also “judging the judges” and holding them accountable.

Wait..I grabbed this link and it said you can follow it even if you don’t have a Facebook account. AWESOME!  It was going to be a lot of hard work to transfer everything. These albums are works in progress, please share:









Shanya came up with the idea of “fighting to get Dilara back” in Feb. 2017 when she realized how long she had been waiting for Dilara to come home…18 months or so at that point.  She and friends started with these



Thanks to a friend for letting me know about the zip lock bag/duct tape pencil pouches. I wanted a small bag with a strap so my arm can wear them messenger-bag style to carry supplies in.  They need to be prepared to sign up new “recruits” and share information and hand out  a bracelet. A quart-sized bag should work well. A srap will come in handy when they aren’t carrying their backpacks.

I think tomorrow I will help Shanya start her w CCLJA channel. Someday he may really be more famous than Donald Trump, who knows? (reference to Shanya’s comment in this video: )..

While one or a few children may not seem to be able to do much, imagine what hundreds or thousands of children  (and their parents) in every county in Tennessee can do. I believe if thousands of people will tell their state representatives and senators that we want judges removed by 2/3 vote on 10 days notice when they wreak havoc on children’s lives, like they have in Dilara’s life and Steffen and Annalise Rivenburg’s lives.

Children, like the ants in “A Bug’s Life” are a lot stronger than anyone thinks they are. Watch…







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Mother of 3 and Warrior for Justice and advocate for children.

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