Word is getting out…help us keep the momentum growing…

What I shared on Facebook this morning:

921 views…Facebook Live Video of Tamika Davis and me from June 8, 2017 at Vanderbilt …Steffen Rivenburg’s death day. We are still determined to get Tamika’s kids home, my little girl home and Annalise Rivenburg home. Still waiting for Baby Steffen’s autopsy. https://www.facebook.com/100011221786486/videos/vb.100011221786486/417061722011217/?type=3&theate From Vanderbilt children’s hospital after Baby Steffen was killed Tamika Davis (AKA Seagraves on Medicalkidnap.com) and  Lydia A Hubbell
People who are not following my page (Lydia A. Hubbell) should join my group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1124916010970336/ I post way too much on my timeline for some people and the group page is better for people interested in my case and not in the minutiae of my life.
The video views matter. I am up to 270 for the video about the ex parte restraining order that was only granted in part–I posted that Friday.
I think if I get a couple more arrests between now and trial, that would be great, Sarah Reist Digby….at this point, I am so short on time, I can do more good out of jail than in jail, but my CCLJA and Tennessee JAM folks can do a lot even if I am stuck in jail for a few days. Next time I get arrested, it might be a good thing to bail me out if the bond fund is depleted. I promise you that $350 spent on bail money to get me out of jail after being arrested on yet another bogus charge will be some of the most well-spent money in my case. The point is to show that these arrests and false allegations are desperate attempt by sick people and an extremely unethical lawyer (Sarah Reist Digby).I always say that a good lawyer doesn’t have to lie or cheat to win their case. She will rue the day that she took on her emotionally disturbed client and lied and cheated to steal me out of my little girl’s life, starting when my daughter was just 5 1/2.
I met with 5 new CCLJA members Sunday and 2 on Monday…the army is growing and you will soon be seeing the results. Anyone can duplicate my guerilla tactics and even improve upon them. Don’t wait until your plan is perfected, take action now.
Postcard stamps are 34 cents and plain postcards with pre-printed postage (and they are very pretty) are 38 cents. Email and phone calls are free. I would like to buy 100 postcards from the postoffice and have people I meet fill them out on the spot with their return address and their signature to the messages. Even if the messages are just the hashtags #Bring(MINOR CHILD)Home, #Free(MINOR CHILD) -Don’t say “Minor Child, say her name.


#BringAnnaliseRivenburgHome, #MedicalKidnap and CCLJA.org, or even if they signed one of my Vistaprint postcards and put their names and addreses on them, it can make a huge impact with little money or time.
Sharing my posts and videos and “liking” and subscribing to the ones I have on youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCloX19DRPcv7enD3OrCtZvg is free and quick and will also make a big difference…numbers matter.

Comments made on my blog posts at http://www.CCLJA.org will show that people really do support our cause.


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CCLJA, note, “Seven-year-old Bridget Niven briefly took the megaphone to address the crowd, saying “I came here today for love. I’m so sad that so many people are dying.””
I met with 5 children and 2 adults at Centennial Park and left them with about 20 sticks of chalk and when Ieft to go to church, they were busily writing my daughter’s name since I cannot do so (GAG order….can’t write my own child’s name or post it on Facebook pending further orders of the court.. My daughter knows exactly who is behind the chalked messages–her brave and determined mother. I WILL NEVER STOP WORKING TO GET HER AND OTHER CHILDREN HOME. Regardless of the gags and shackles they put on me, they will not stop the CCLJA.

“For 2nd night in a row, protesters rally against white supremacy outside White House
The rally comes in response to the violence in Charlottesville over the weekend,”










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Mother of 3 and Warrior for Justice and advocate for children.

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